Monday, June 9, 2014

Friends. We all need them. Some are extra special, like they two men above. Pastor Roy has gone with me on several missions to Africa. Pastor Vivian is a leader in our DWJD� (Do What Jesus Did) movement and has planted many DWJD� deliverance teams all across the Midwest.


Our three seminars this past weekend in Toledo and Detroit were a huge success, due to the efforts of these men of God. Pastor Roy not only hosted our Toledo seminar but also provided transportation and sound equipment all weekend. I was in Detroit at the urging of Pastor Vivian. After many years of absence from the Motor City, he encouraged me to once again regularly come there.


I taught hundreds of people and ministered in public and private to dozens bound by Satan and saw them set free. I couldn’t have don’t it as effectively without these men. As the old Dionne Warwick song says, “That’s what friends are for.” Proverbs 18:24 reminds us there is a friend who is “closer than a brother.”


I think God that I have many friends like you who believe in our mission of spiritual warfare. As we enter the season of the summer slump, I must be honest. It doesn’t feel like I have many friends. Our finances are down far more than usual for this time of year. At a time when more people than ever are reaching out to us, we must remain financially strong. Thanks for being a friend who cares about our needs, and the cry for help from those we reach for Jesus.


Doing What Jesus Did, Pastor Bob Larson

P. S. Our anointed Cross of Deliverance is a great way to confront the devil. Satan fears this Cross. For your gift of $100 or more to fight our summer slump, I’ll anoint and set this Cross to you.
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