Thursday, December 26th, 2013  


Flipper flips out of the water.

Einstein in a moment of deep contemplation.
It’s not even a contest: Flipper v. Einstein. Yet there was a time several decades ago when the brightest and best among us believed that dolphins were super-smart creatures who held in their high-pitched squeaks the hope of extraterrestrial communication. This idea, promoted by a secret society called the Order of the Dolphin, hoped to establish contact with aliens on other planets by enlisting the help of the Flippers of the oceans. By cracking the code of dolphin-speak, a form of communication the Order supposed was a constructible language, they could eventually decipher alien languages. Members of the Order actually wore insignias shaped like bottlenose dolphins and sent each other coded message to better their skills at understanding dolphinese. And who were the members of the Order? Luminaries such as evolutionary biologist J. B. S. Haldane, Nobel-Prize-winning chemist Melvin Calvin, neuroscientist John Lilly, and PBS atheist gadfly Carl Sagan.

That’s right. Some of the brightest minds of the 70s and 80s wanted to talk like Dolphins. Lilly even injected dolphins with LSD to help the creatures along the path of human language connections. Reflect for a moment about how Christians are vilified in society as bigoted, right-wing, ignorant anti-intellectuals for believing in Intelligent Design. This story of dolphin communication is likely something you never heard of, conveniently buried in the archives of history lest it embarrass the pseudo-intellectual, liberal left. Leave it to me to unearth this bit of humiliation for political and religious “progressives.” The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” (Psalm 53:1) No kidding. Look how foolish the likes of the late Sagan look now. Too bad we couldn’t have confronted him about this before he died. His perpetual smirk when dissing Christian beliefs might have turned slightly sour.

An encouraging word: A REAL RESOLUTION

Six days to a New Year. Some are already counting down the hours to party like its 2014. Others are laying out resolutions about what they will or won’t do the next twelve months. Instead of contemplating a New Year, most would be better thinking about starting a New Life – a born-again life of commitment to Christ.  If you haven’t yet given your life to the Lord, there’s no better time than this season of new beginnings. January 1, a New Year with expectation of experiencing all God’s wonderful promises. If you do, that will truly be a Happy New Year.

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