Friday, Sept 12, 2014

He doesn’t look like a killer. Family and friends say he was a good father. But the 700 mile journey of Timothy Jones Jr., from South Carolina to Mississippi, ended when he was picked up by the Sheriff’s department of Lexington County. He had driven almost the whole way with his five children in the back of his SUV, decomposing in garbage bags. He had stuffed them there after he killed them. The murdered children ranged in ages from 1 to 8. Jones was a computer tech at Mississippi State University, and had dumped the bodies in Alabama along the way. He showed authorities the location. He had been picked up at a police checkpoint in Mississippi, disoriented and violent. Jones’ father faced the press and said, “. . . anyone who knows little Tim will agree that he is not the animal that he will be portrayed through the media,” and that his son was “a very loving father, brother and son . . .” Really? “Little Tim?” Who is kidding who, and who is in denial? “Little Tim” is being held on drug charges as well. Jones shared custody with his ex-wife.

There are many unanswered questions. Why so many children so young? If that many kids were presumably wanted, why were they killed? What precipitated the divorce? Why was he living 700 miles from his family? Were any of the kids illegitimate? Was he married to the mother? If he was such a great guy, how could so much go so wrong? My experience as a deliverance minister tells me some things are glaringly obvious. Only very powerful generational curses could lead to such a tragedy. Something was not right with the way this man was raised. Good sons from good families don’t turn out to be cold-blooded killers of their own kids. Drugs and demons played an obvious role. Jones was likely mentally ill, dissociative, and demonized.

How many more tragedies like this have to happen before Christians get their heads out of the sand and admit that we live in an age of heightened demonic activity that must be aggressively confronted with the power of Christ!

An encouraging word:  GOD IS ANGRY WITH SIN

“God is angry with the wicked every day” (Psalm 7:11). Not just once in a while. Not when the Lord gets beyond his mercy. EVERY DAY. There is never a moment when Jehovah doesn’t hate sin. Compare that to how some Christians live. Of course they find sin distasteful most of the time. But some Christians will occasionally tell a dirty joke or watch an immoral movie. Some will poke fun at the unfortunate or spend their tithe money on personal pleasure. The list of evils that Christians may tolerate is long, but God hates it all. Remember that the next time you cheat, cut a corner, tell a white lie, or give in to lust. God hates the sin that you allow, all the time and every day.


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