Monday, March 21, 2016

Is this roaring lion harmless if you are a Christian?


When are you acting in faith, and when are you following foolishness? I’ve observed countless examples through the years. People who sold all they had because Jesus was coming on a particular date. Well-meaning individuals who believed some TV preacher’s pitch that they should put a “seed-faith” gift on an over-extended credit card and give so “God’s man” could have a new jet. Afflicted people who have believed that seeing a doctor denies their faith in God to heal and then they die as a result of lacking proper medical treatment. But a certain Nigerian preacher in Africa, who called himself a prophet, tops them all, on the scale of foolishness disguised as faith.

Alec Ndiwane reasoned that, since God gave mankind dominion over all the creatures of the earth, he could cozy-up to a lion in the wild. On safari with members of his church, Ndiwane charged a pride of lions in South Africa’s Kruger Park, speaking in tongues. The wild beasts thought he was prey and took chase. Running for his life, Ndiwane escaped death but not before a lion took a chunk of flesh out of his behind, necessitating a trip to the hospital where his rear was unceremoniously stitched back together. Ouch! “I thought the Lord wanted me to show His power over animals,” said the recovering prophet.

When you stop laughing at such foolishness think of the times you’ve fallen prey to similar thinking. This triumph of foolishness over faith is readily apparent with those who reject the idea of spiritual warfare. They daily charge into the face of all kinds of evil with the idea that Satan has no power to afflict them. They mock the idea of breaking generational curses with the foolish conclusion that all evil was covered at the cross and that there is no need for preventive prayer. Worst of all, they assume that “roaring lion” demons (1 Peter 5:8) have no more power to “devour” Christians, once a sinner has been saved. Based on my decades of documented experiences casting demons out of thousands of Christians, that false conclusion is foolishness, not faith. And it may lead to a life of unnecessary torment.

An encouraging word: BE SOBER AND VIGILANT
“Be self-controlled,” 1 Peter 5:8 says in the New International Version. I personally prefer the older King James Version, “Be sober, be vigilant.” Peter is warning about the way that Satan seeks to attack the souls of Christians, like a “roaring lion.” Self-control, sobriety, and vigilance are all important qualities to develop if one is to avoid the devil’s temptations and oppression. These are character habits that will enable us to survive Satan’s efforts to turn us from the Lord. You won’t find these attributes valued in the world around you, but you will have them instilled if you faithfully follow Scripture. Reading and hearing God’s word is the way to be sober and vigilant.

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