Thursday, June 25, 2015



Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, is running for President. He made the announcement yesterday. At age 44, he is #15 among declared or likely GOP candidates. And like another Presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, he has an interesting background when it comes to spiritual warfare. In my blog of April 20, I reported on Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Like Jindal, Rubio is a Catholic, but both have evangelical leanings. In that April blog, entitled “Marco Rubio’s Demons,” I pointed out that Rubio has attended a Miami area church that practices deliverance. The pastor, Rick Blackwood, has said, “Satan’s agenda is to seduce people away from God. One of the ways that Satan accomplishes that is through what the Bile calls demonic possession. Satan’s angels can seize control of an individual and possess an individual physically, spiritually and even mentally.” For that pastor’s comment, Rubio has taken heat.

Now, Religious News Services reminds us of an article in the uber-liberal magazine
Mother Jones. Jones
reveals that a little over 20 years ago, while in college, Jindal participated in an exorcism. Jindal is reported to have said, 
“Kneeling on the ground, my friends were chanting, ‘Satan, I command you to leave this woman.’ Others exhorted all demons to leave in the name of Christ.” Wow. Imagine. Someone is running for President who has actually witnessed and participated in an exorcism! That will bring nightmares to Bill Maher, MSNBC-TV, and political progressives everywhere.


This interesting insight may never be more than a political footnote relegated to the arcane. But for churches that choose to ignore this realm of the supernatural by dismissing it as “strange,” it signals that they should rethink their position. Marco, a Senator, and Jindal a Governor, aren’t exactly fringe figures. And if they accept the reality of demonic possession and exorcism it’s time for conservative Christians to rethink their opposition to spiritual warfare.

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An encouraging word:

“Do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage,” the apostle Paul told the Galatians (5:1). That verse addressed the attempts of some new Christian converts to mix the old laws of Judaism with Christianity. Paul emphasized the liberty that is in Christ and warned against reverting to Old Testament edicts which did not bring the life of the Spirit. In larger sense, this verse warns us against anything that keeps us bound and unable to enjoy the freedom that is our in the Lord. You may not be coerced to keep ancient Levitical laws, but today you will be faced with all kinds of temptations that bring a “yoke of bandage.” Identify these dangers and avoid them at all cost.

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