Monday, November 23, 2015
Blessing and exorcism of a child. Why not?
A news report surfaced last week regarding a New Jersey couple who lost their parental rights because they took their two children for an exorcism. The children, ages seven and six now, were submitted to the ritual, performed by a Catholic priest, when they were three and two. According to the report, the mother said that she was hearing voices that told her to give her children to the devil. Instead, she brought them to church and subsequently lost them to the State. Now, to be fair, there’s apparently more to this story. The father of the children was serving a prison sentence for aggravated assault and robbery at the time of the exorcism. After the exorcism, the mother had four psychiatric hospitalizations and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.
And there’s more to the story. After the attempted exorcism, the mother was jailed for receiving stolen property and cocaine use. Dad continued to be incarcerated for long periods, partly brought on by long term cocaine addiction. Obviously, these were bad parents and the State may have done the right thing by removing the children to foster care. But what’s disturbing is that New Jersey only took action when an exorcism happened. It was undoubtedly viewed as just one more example of the mother’s craziness. That’s what bothers me. Yes, they were unfit parents and intervention was necessary, but to treat the mother’s seeking an exorcism as just more evidence of her “hallucinations” may have been off the mark.
From my perspective it’s probable that both of the parents were demonized, and sadly, also the children because these incompetent addicts had de facto turned the youngster over to the devil. What the State should have done, rather than penalizing the parents for an exorcism, was to demand deliverance for both parents and children. But in our anti-religious age, that’s not going to happen. And so, the likely scenario is that these two children will grow up, having received demons from mom and dad, and in turn act out their own evil behavior. And so on. Until we as a culture are willing to admit that Satan is alive and well and working through drugs, mental illness, and all kinds of evil actions, more of the innocent will suffer. You and I are called to change that dire predicament. One way to take action, is to enroll today in our International School of Exorcism® Just imagine if the neighbors to this family had taken our School? How different this story might have been.

An encouraging word: GOD REMAINS THE SAME

 Psalm 24 speaks of those who will abide in the presence of God and go to heaven. David declares that a “pure heart” is one requirement. Such an individual, the Psalmist says in verse five, will receive “righteousness from the God of his salvation.” We may think that the idea of imputed righteousness by grace is a New Testament concept because of the Cross. True. But God has not changed and here we see that a right standing with God is also an Old Testament teaching. The Lord truly is the same yesterday, today and forever!

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