Monday, July 3, 2017



During the recent School of Exorcism convention, Bob presents the first
Certificate of Completion for the Russian-language School to Dmitry Dimov.
We just completed our first-ever convention of the International School of Exorcism® (ISE). Scores gathered in Lakeland, Florida for, what was billed as, the largest gathering of trained exorcists in the history of the church. Pictured on the masthead above is a portion of those attending the First Annual International School of Exorcism Convention. They came from across America, as well as Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, and other countries. Their mission was to network, fellowship, worship, and learn. Two intensive days of teaching from our new Advanced Academy of Deliverance® highlighted the official sessions. Testimonies abounded of changed lives, those previously bound by Satan, who have now been delivered and have completed all 30 ISE Courses. They celebrated their training and certification as professionally-trained exorcists. The final session featured praise and worship, followed by an impartation ceremony. Bob, Laura, and the leadership of ISE prayed for special enduement of the Holy Spirit upon those present.

Bob and Laura anoint and bless with impartation, ISE alumni.
This is just the beginning! In less than three years, the School of Exorcism has trained 600+ students from more than 30 countries. The School has provided them a historical and biblical basis for exorcism, as well as an understanding of the psychological and practical aspects of casting out demons. No such body of information, in such depth, has ever been compiled in all church history; a sad commentary, but a hopeful one, as well. Our mission is to raise up an army of spiritual warriors, theologically, historically, and psychologically grounded; to equip them with knowledge and practical experience, to fulfill the command of Christ to cast out demons in HIS name. 
Exorcism is arising. The future is exciting. The possibilities for the Lord are unlimited. Be part of this historic movement by enrolling today, and be at the Second International Convention next year! 
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An encouraging word: GOD SITS FOREVER
The Lord sits as King forever” (Psalm 29:10). What a magnificent thought. Satan may be the “god of this world,” (2 Corinthians 4:4), but that position is temporary. From eternity past to eternity future, it is God whose reign has no end. Being seated is a sign of royal power and dominion. He has no need to strive, to walk about persuading, as the devil does (Job 1:7). The Lord has spoken through His word. He has acted through the sending of His son. And now the Almighty sits, awaiting the completion of all things. He reigns forever!

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