Wednesday, December 11th, 2013  


Mention exorcism or deliverance and people give you strange looks. They also have odd ideas as to what it’s all about. I have spent a lifetime attempting to demystify deliverance. Old habits die hard, and people still envision an exorcism like something out of a Hollywood movie. Our YouTube channel, which now has nearly 3,000,000 viewers, has changed a lot about the way people think of deliverance. If you have the idea that deliverance is a spooky ritual in an old cathedral, performed with a ritualistic formula based on specific incantations, try this on for size. I’ve done exorcisms live on the radio and live in television studios, on one occasion nationwide in South Korea. I’ve done exorcisms over the phone and on Skype. Every day my schedule is filled with face-to-face encounters as well as internet sessions and phone calls.

Last night I ministered to a woman who was driving her children to a school event.  Once the children had been dropped off, she pulled the car to the side of the road and sat there with her cell phone in hand. I talked with her about her issues, identified what demons she had, and called them forth to face God’s judgment. Sitting in her car, the woman growled and snarled, as I listened.  Then, the demons came out. She was sent free with a cell phone 2,000 miles from where I was talking to her. Forget everything you’ve ever been told about healing, deliverance, and exorcism. You can be set free wherever you are, whatever the circumstances. Your freedom is a phone call or a Skype session away.  You journey to liberation can begin any time you are ready to call upon the Lord and allow someone such as me to pray for you. Modern technology has brought us a lot of evil, such as Internet porn and sexting. But it also brings the hope that deliverance from the devil is just a mouse click or iPhone away.

An encouraging word: GOD HAS A PLAN
I spend most of my life waging spiritual warfare. I’m constantly amazed at the complexity of Satan’s plans to destroy even one individual. In some cases, the intricacies of evil have plotted for hundreds of years to destroy one single soul. You must never underestimate the lengths to which evil will go to ruin your life. Knowing this helps me to better understand how much more God has amazing purposes for every person. “I know the plans I have for you, plans to . . . give you hope and a future,” says Jeremiah 29:11.  Be encouraged.  Whatever Evil intends for you, God plans much more.

Bob Larson has trained healing and deliverance teams all over the world to set the captives free and Do What Jesus Did� (Luke 4:18).  You can partner with Bob and support this vision to demonstrate God’s power in action by calling 303-980-1511 or clicking here to donate online.