Monday, August 7, 2017

This simple notice on the front page of our website,, is your key to knowledge about nearly 500 topics. Many of you are new to this ministry and have a thirst for information about spiritual warfare. You’ll find a wealth of teaching in our online International School of Exorcism. But what about yesterday’s news headline? Just click on the above and it opens a portal to everything you need to know, the equivalent of about another dozen books, added to the 37 we’ve already written. For example, the click above will lead you to this:

Then type in what you want to know about. For example, yoga. You’ll find blogs such as “Yoga for Peace,” “Don’t Yield to Yoga,” “Yoga in Airports,” and “Mindful Meditation.” If you need help ministering to a young person who smokes marijuana, type in “weed” and you’ll get the blogs “Demon Weed,” “Pot Capitulation,” “Pot Propaganda,” and “America’s Going to Pot.” Type in “demons” and you’ll be directed to “Pastors Can Have Demons,” “Territorial Demons,” “Demons Don’t Exist?” and many more blogs on this topic.

Get the idea? You can search by both title and content. You can even find a complete listing of all topics by year for the last six years.

We have spent countless hours and huge amounts of money to make this all possible. Why? God has called us to provide the most complete, one-stop source of information about spiritual warfare, demons, exorcism, and deliverance found anywhere in the world, and in all of history. Mega-ministries aren’t going to do it. America’s Bible colleges and seminaries won’t make the effort. We have the passion and the calling to put at your fingertips a comprehensive resource center so that no one needs to live in bondage to demonic powers. As Christians, we have a right to be spiritually free, and we can be free, in the name of Jesus, IF WE DON’T PERISH for “lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

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An encouraging word: THE WICKED SUFFER SORROW
If you take a peripheral glance at Hollywood and the entertainment industry, it may seem like the most godless people are having the most fun. But Psalm 32:10 says, “Many sorrows shall be to the wicked.” Is that true? On the outside, sinners often appear to be successful and carefree. From my experience in counseling thousands of people, I can attest that ungodly often hide their torment behind a glamorous exterior. God’s Word is true. Those who turn their backs on the Lord eventually suffer the effects of sin on their minds and bodies. Heed this warning that a life of spiritual rebellion will lead to sorrow. Those who sow their “wild oats” are in for an eventual crop failure.

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