Monday, Feb 23, 2015





Space travel is a worthy goal of civilization, to understand more the universe in which we live. It’s wired into our collective consciousness, this desire to go where no one has gone before. We all marvel watching the old black and white video of the late Neil Armstrong taking “one giant step for mankind.” Fortunately, he and his crew came back alive, along with five other moon landings participants. But the moon is only a little more than 225,000 miles away. Mars is almost 250 MILLION miles from earth. And some are dying to get there – quite literally. Mars One, a group that intends to send humans to live on Mars, has selected 100 finalists out of 200,000 applicants who want to make the one-way trip. One man has even agreed to leave his wife behind. (As painful as divorce is, that seems to be a better way out of a lousy marriage than spending more than a year on a one-way space ship.) The first trip is planned in 2024, and only four will go. Count me out.

I see something demonic about this idea. “Of course, doesn’t Larson see something demonic in a lot of things?” you might be thinking. Not really. In this case the deceptions are several. First, this this isn’t a missionary venture, so why take sin to another stellar body when we can’t stop crime and war on the earth? Second, the idea of a non-returnable Mars mission is a suicide quest. According to scientists, those who do arrive on the “red planet” will live only about two months. Finally, it’s an escapist distraction from the real problems we face in the here-and-now, on earth. For those who want a stellar ticket outta here, the rapture is definitely a better way to go (First Thess. 4:16).



An encouraging word:  DON’T BE IN DARKNESS


Paul told the church in Thessalonica, “You, brothers, are not in darkness” (1 Thess. 5:4). I’m not sure that could be said of most American Christians today. There’s a lot of darkness around, in the form of departure from biblical truth and spiritual compromise. According to a Gallup Poll, only three of ten American say they believe the Bible is God’s Word. One other credible poll says 28%, with 21% saying it’s a book of fables. Less than four decades ago 40% believed the Bible. Obviously, respect for Scripture is trending in the wrong direction. Is it any wonder there is such a sense of faithlessness and hopelessness all around? Read the Book and believe the Book, and it will be lamp to your feet and a light to your path.


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