Wednesday, Sept 3, 2014


Perhaps the most dramatic deliverance of our entire Ukraine School of Exorcism mission took place during the very last meeting. I should have known my work was cut out for me when a woman named Ina assaulted me, drew blood and knocked my Bible, cross, and microphone from my hand. “I hate you,” the demon screamed over and over.” Like the woman at the well in the Bible, Ina already had gone through four husbands and was only 40-years-old with three children and one grandchild. In the midst of the chaos, I stopped and ministered inner healing for her life of pain and addictions. She was in rehab for drugs, but had never accepted the Lord. So, in the midst of the battle I led her in a sinner’s prayer. Then I had her break a 10 generation curse of blood sacrifice. With the power of the demons broken, the final stages of the exorcism, though still very physical, were far less combative. Her freedom won, Ina posed with the Cross of Deliverance and a big smile of liberation.

An encouraging word:  THE GLORY AND HONOR OF MAN

“You have made him a little lower than the angels,” David of God creating man (Psalm 8:5). David seemed amazed that out of all the immensity of the universe, Jehovah seemed more concerned about his seemingly less significant creative miracle, man. Perhaps that’s because humans had what nothing else in creation had: the power to make choices. What’s more, God crowned you and me with “glory and honor.” No wonder the devil hates us so much. Today, live up to your created expectation. If you are tempted to feel discouraged, remember you’re almost an angel, and full of glory and honor. God said so.

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