Friday, January 17th, 2014   


Northern bald ibises taking flight in V-formation.

A fascinating article in the Science section of USA-TODAY yesterday reported on research into the V-formation of birds in flight. Since I was a kid, like most of you probably, I wondered at the graceful way birds in flight followed the leader in the shape of a V. Growing up in Nebraska, I’d watch the Canadian Geese make their way south every fall, and back north in the spring, flying high overhead in perfect V symmetry. How and why they did it fascinated me. Was there some secret training camp that all young geese attended to make sure they mastered this feat? Until recently not even scientists understood what was going on. A study published in the journal Nature says that birds know how to minimize their energy expenditure on long flights by monitoring subtle changes in the flights pattern of their windmates. Each individual bird flies in the V-configuration to catch the rising air generated by the flapping of the bird in front of it. Their bird brains have some kind of internal “computer” that detects the slightest alterations in wind flow and they automatically make adjustments; the V-pattern is the best way to do this. Of course, there is no bird “flight school” they all attend to learn this. It’s built in to being a bird. And how did this knowledge get there in the first place? To survive, the very first birds had to know this as part of their created order. There was no chance for evolutionary survival of the fittest to figure it out and teach all the other birds. The more we know about the world we live in, the more all things point to a Creator. Only a bird brain would conclude otherwise.

An encouraging word:  A GODLY HERITAGE

What were your ancestors like? My latest book CURSE BREAKING (click here to order) emphasizes the importance of spiritually confronting any part of your heritage that was ungodly. Perhaps you can say with David, “I have a goodly heritage” KJV. Wonderful, if that is your case. If not, then you need to carefully renounce what was not “goodly” but ungodly. Be as specific as possible and put the generational effect of ancestral sins under the blood of Jesus, and determine that your children onward will have a worthy heritage.

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