Monday, May 2, 2016


The Washington Post contacted me this week about a controversial statement by former House Speaker John Boehner. He called Presidential candidate Ted Cruz, with whom he has been at odds in the past, “Lucifer.” The Post reporter wondered what an exorcist would do, if the accusation were true. I responded in detail, and the Post published my account of a theoretical exorcism. That got me thinking. Suppose that Hillary and Trump had demons? What demons might they have? The Post reporter was being tongue-in-cheek. So am I, though not entirely, as I explore this hypothetical scenario.

Let’s start with Hillary Clinton. Her demons? That’s easy. Jezebel, Jezebel, Jezebel. It’s obvious to anyone schooled in deliverance. Her husband Bill, a serial adulterer, was driven by lust most of his sexually active life. Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones et al. Was his lying and immoral behavior demonic? Could have been. His mother was married four times. Two of them ended in death. A curse? Perhaps. Her second husband, physically and mentally abused his stepson, Bill. That could have opened doors for Bill’s demons. Hillary’s grandparents were troubled. Even if Hillary didn’t get demons from her own bloodline, there was plenty of opportunity for the devil to embed her with curses and unclean spirits via her hubby. The marital flesh/soul-connection alone would have been sufficient. (My book JEZEBEL is a must read to fully understand this. To order CLICK HERE.)

Trump? That’s easy too. To profane shock-jock Howard Stern, in 1997, Trump said that sleeping around and risking STDs was his own “personal Vietnam.” He admitted he was lucky to have so much sex without diseased consequences. God only knows what kind of STDs (spiritually transmitted demons) he did pick up from all those women. Jezebel again, and of course, we must add Mammon. That’s obvious too. That’s not to take away from his “art of the deal” and business acumen, but Mammon had to be lurking in the corners of his life, right behind Jezebel.

So, are both disqualified from becoming president because I think they likely have demons? No. If that we the case, there a lot of pastors in America who’d have to step aside. I’ve dealt with plenty of preachers in the pulpit who have demons from generational issues and their own past indiscretions. With the way Satan is at work in our world (and Washington, D. C.) today, it would be nearly impossible to find any politician immune from demonic interference. So, seek your conscience, get politically informed, and cast your vote, even though you might be selecting a demonized candidate, at both federal and state level, who badly needs deliverance. Your decision might be the lesser of two potential evils..

An encouraging word: HOLD FAST TO GOD’S WORD
“Hold fast the pattern of sound words,” Paul said (2 Timothy 1:13). He was telling his young protégé to hang on to the model of truth that he had put forth in his life and writings. There is no more sound word than God’s Word. We need to grasp it tenaciously. Hold it fast. How? Memorize it. Hide it in our hearts. Make it part of our conversation and thoughts. Read it. Quote it. Most of all, live it. All that man speaks, no matter how eloquent, is fleeting. It might be Shakespeare-like quotable, but it’s not a pattern that will lead to eternal life. Only Holy Scripture can do that, so hold it fast.

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