Monday, August 3, 2015


I didn’t originate the term “soul-tie.” I personally prefer “soul-bond” as being more descriptive. But for our purposes, we’ll go with soul-tie here. To those not familiar with the term, it describes a powerful connection between two individuals that goes beyond normal human interaction. It’s not a biblical designation, but the general idea is there. Take for example David and King Saul’s son Jonathan. (“He [Jonathan] loved him [David] as he loved his own soul.” – 1 Samuel 20:17) Soul-ties can exist between spouses, lovers, friends, business associates, cult members, organizational adherents, or most any pairing of two or more people with a significant common interest. Such bonds aren’t necessarily evil, but the nature of a soul-tie is that whatever traits/likes/dislikes/preferences/desires etc. one has becomes a soul-part of the other. It’s from this that I’ve coined the phrase STD – “spiritually/soul-transmitted-demons.”

In a recent blog, I revealed how sexual unions may pass on the actual genetics of a long-disengaged partner (“Generational Curses Through Sex”, July 20, 2015. TO READ, CLICK HERE.) Unfortunately, the effects of a soul-tie can be felt long after a relationship has ended, even generations after. Soul-ties are particularly pernicious when the bond is sexual. Those who have had numerous sexual partners are at risk for all the curses and demons of every person with whom they’ve had intercourse, and all the sexual partners of each their sexual partners, and so on and so on ad infinitum. That’s a lots of spiritual baggage in the name of love, or whatever. Have sex with a prostitute and you run the risk of getting every demon of every individual he/she has consorted with. I witness this in ministry constantly. Almost every day I pray with someone who has demons they got from some kind of soul-tie.

If I’ve described you, don’t despair. Soul-ties can be easily broken, even trans-generational ones, by prayers of renunciation. These prayers are printed in detail in my book CURSE BREAKING: Freedom from the bondage of generational sin. (TO ORDER, CLICK HERE.) My next blog will explore this topic of Soul-Ties in even greater depth.


 An encouraging word:  WHERE IS GOD?

 Jesus said, “Where I am, you may also be there” (John 14:3). What a great promise. Christ was speaking of His ascent to the Father. In the verse before he speaks of the “many mansions” in heaven which are prepared for the inhabitation of all those who have trusted in Him. I’ve heard people derisively declare, “Where’s God?” They are usually upset that the Lord didn’t seem to be present at a particular time in their lives. What’s the answer to that question? God is in heaven, and if you also want to go there, I have a warning. You may not make it by challenging His patience and love by angry accusations.  

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