Thursday, July 30, 2015


I’ll be in Portland, Oregon tomorrow night for a seminar. Little did I realize that I’d be heading into the twilight zone. The city of an annual nude bicycle race has broken yet another barrier of sensibility and rationality. The Oregon Trail which once directed adventurers westward has now led to an expansion of unexplored sexual frontiers. The Oregon Health Authority has adopted a transgender policy that now allows 15-year-olds to receive sex-reassignment surgery paid for by the taxpayers – WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT! Even the most liberal LGBT advocates have to be scratching their heads at this one. The same child who can’t buy a beer or a cigarette may, with public money, receive, for free, powerful drugs (cross-sex hormones) that will pave the way for a gender change. And apparently there are not stringent psychotherapy guidelines. Any parent who understands the lack of cognitive and rational neurological development of a 15-year-old must, like me, think this is a grossly misguided. Bruce Jenner was a post-middle-aged man, and one could assume he had the right to become Caitlyn at his own expense. But a minor, three years shy of adulthood?

Spare me whatever presumed logic the state of Oregon conjured to adopt this policy, including the argument that this largesse will reduce the number of suicides. Whatever happened to good ole parental oversight? It seems the purpose of this progressive, social-engineering policy is to circumvent any parent who might object to Harry becoming Hermione at the ripe old age of 15. If as an enfranchised adult an individual chooses sex reassignment, it’s a free country. Charity can become Chaz. But it is culturally, legally, and spiritually egregious to permit a child, yes a child, such a potentially irreversible option. How many parents have had a 15-year-old declare a life’s occupation mid-teen, and later change their mind? Should such barely post-pubescent individuals be given the option of possibly altering for life their sexual orientation without so much as a psychiatrist signing off on it? Can we finally say that in our society the moral bridge is out, and the government of Oregon has no warning signs?

 An encouraging word:  DON’T CALL EVIL GOOD

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,” Isaiah warned (5:20). It’s easy to apply this injunction to any number of social and moral evils, but it is harder to look in the mirror and quote Isaiah. The nature of sin, both societal and personal, is that the fallen heart of man can attempt to justify almost anything. Name an evil, and someone, somewhere, has constructed an elaborate rationale. Even many Nazis believed that during the Third Reich they were on a noble mission, marching millions to gas ovens. Consider again every major decision you will make today and make certain that you aren’t doing something decidedly bad which you’ve somehow determined is not all that bad.

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