Monday, Jan 5, 2015

All you liberals loosen up, now that I’ve got your attention with my blog title. You conservatives will also be disappointed. DISCLOSURE: I’m not talking about President Obama. Republicans may not be too happy, though, that I’m raising issues about President Ronald Reagan. Before you think I’ve committed the Republican equivalent of blasphemy, look at the facts. A few weeks ago Joan Quigley died, aged 87. Who’s that? Quigley was the San Francisco heiress-turned-astologer who became an important adviser to the Reagan White House, mostly courtesy of First Lady Nancy. For about seven years she held sway with almost every significant decision of Reagan’s presidency.  Quigley set the agenda for the timing of press conferences, the departure of Air Force One, and even international negotiations. She claimed to get her psychic gift from her mother, an obvious generational curse. Eventually, for reasons we may never know, the Reagans disowned her.

If, for a time, President Reagan allowed such blatant occult practices in the White House, how could he in turn implement so many policies that favored Christians? If he opened a door to the devil, how could Reagan’s actions also have led to the bringing down of the Berlin wall and signal the end of Communistic atheism’s  stranglehold over tens of millions of people? Perhaps he only went along to please his wife, Nancy. Maybe his close association with many evangelical believers (I once attended a private reception with President Reagan at the White House where Liza Minnelli entertained.) blunted the devil’s strategy. We can thank God that Quigley was eventually booted from her position of influence, but it was a spiritual close call for our country. Whatever happened in the White House I can’t be certain. What I do know is that consulting the occult can be personally disastrous. Astrology is a dangerous form of divination. Joan Quigley is dead, but horoscopes and other forms of demonic prognostication live on. So does the warning of Scripture in Isaiah 47: 13 that astrology’s evil predictions have no power to save but do have the ability to destroy!



An encouraging word: GOD KNOWS HIDDEN THINGS


I lately decided to re-read the Old Testament. What nuggets of truth can be found, like in Daniel where presently I am reading.  As an example, consider Daniel’s praise in chapter 2, verse 22: He reveals deep and hidden things; He knows what lives in darkness and light dwells in Him. What a marvelous description of God. Nothing can escape the Lord’s knowing, not even the evil that tries to hide in concealment. The light of His presence dispels every attempt of evil men, and the devil, to cover up their nefarious schemes. There is no use ever trying to hide from God or his omniscience. Both the deep and the dark He will eventually expose.

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