Monday, June 2, 2014

The picture above certainly describes how depressions feels, if you’ve ever experienced it. Who hasn’t? That sunken feeling of sadness, gloom, dejection, withdrawal. And often for no definable, objective reason. In true clinical depression there is nothing to put your finger on that causes it; especially when reaction to an unfortunate life circumstance is blown out of proportion, like the loss of a relationship or even the death of a loved one. The passage of time and intervention by friends doesn’t correct it. Even reading the Bible doesn’t get the desired result. Depression is clinical when pep talks and positive thinking just don’t work and clinical intervention is needed. Medical attention. Perhaps medication. In severe cases at least temporary hospitalization.

If it’s just a matter of feeling low, depression may pass with time. But Major Depression, Chronic Depression, Bipolar Depression, even Psychotic Depression isn’t likely to go away easily without professional attention. The sense of “feeling low” and aversion to activity will intensify unless something is done. Warning: if you are experiencing depression with symptoms of fatigue, hopelessness, insomnia, even suicidal impulses, get help. It may or may not be a psychiatric disorder, but don’t wait to find out when there’s no choice but medication and some kind of institutionalization. At the very least, begin talking to a priest, pastor, counselor or trusted friend.

Here’s what I’ve discovered in decades of ministry through inner healing and deliverance. Depression can be caused by:

  • A traumatic life situation that isn’t being resolved.
  • Biochemical imbalances that haven’t been medically treated properly.
  • A sense of helpless to change one’s circumstances which are threatening or dangerous.
  • Mistreatment in the form of bullying; emotional, physical, and sexual abuse from which there seems to be no escape.
  • Past trauma that is buried subconsciously in denial or Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities which hold the painful memory).
  • Generational curses that genetically carry on the memory imprint of an ancestor who suffered.
  • A demon of Depression whose inflicts the symptoms of its identity on the sufferer.

Tomorrow I’ll explain how to spiritually resolve these possible sources of depression.


An encouraging word: ASK

Psalm 2:8 is a promise to David and to Messiah: Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. (NIV) In a more immediate sense, it’s also an assurance of what the Lord wants to do for all the spiritual descendants of David and those who trust in the Messiah, Christ. “The ends of the earth your possession?” That stretches my imagination. Perhaps we may often ask God for too little. We don’t want to bother the Lord, or we think that He has more important matters than our petition of the present. Try expanding your thinking just a little. Ask Him for more than you think you deserve. You may be surprised at the result.

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