Monday, September 28, 2015
 This past weekend, my good friend pastor James Vivian brought to my attention something that had slipped under my spiritual radar: a demonic invasion at the highest realm of modern science. The European Organization (EU) for Nuclear Research (CERN) operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, located near Geneva Switzerland. CERN with 2,513 staff represents 608 universities and research facilities. CERN features not only the world’s largest particle accelerator but it is also the birthplace of the World Wide Web. It might be considered the premiere scientific research center of the world. And what do you see when you walk through the doors of this prestigious place of science? An idol of the Hindu god Shiva, in his incarnation as Lord Nataraja, Lord of the Dance (also known as Shakti, a.k.a. Jezebel). Some definitions will help:
SHIVA: One of three main Hindu gods; the destroyer of worlds; spirit of death
SHAKTI: The energy of the universe; the feminine divine (archetype of Jezebel); psycho-sexual serpent power of the kundalini in yoga
NATARAJA: Two-legged, two-armed Shiva as Lord of the Dance; he dances to destroy the universe

There you have it, Shiva as demon of Death, sexually cohabiting with Shakti to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Strange. The nations of the EU owe their economic, political, and scientific advancements to the Christian faith, but now choose to celebrate a Hindu demon whose worship has, in part, kept India bound to poverty, disease, and a racist caste system for millennia. Imagine the public and political outcry if CERN had placed a Christian cross where Shiva dances death. The protest would have been horrendous. All this is one more reason for this ministry, and our International School of Exorcism (To enroll CLICK HERE.), to increase our efforts to teach and train an army of Holy Ghost warriors to battle this nonsense and spiritual capitulation! Will you join us today?

An encouraging word: GIVE DOUBLE HONOR.
There is an anti-clerical attitude in our culture. Ministers are often ridiculed in the media, and when polls are taken, they are often at the bottom of respected professions. With all the infidelity of megachurch pastors, and child abuse scandals in the Catholic Church, perhaps this is to be expected. But don’t let a few rotten apples determine your perspective. Paul told Timothy (1 Timothy 5:17) that those who direct the affairs of church life are “worthy of double honor.” Take time today to say something nice about your pastor. Call or send him an email, thanking him for his sacrifices on behalf of the gospel. Give double honor to those in spiritual authority who are genuine in their calling, and God will bless you.

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