Tuesday, October 29th 2013



  Bookstore display of occult
children’s books.


Blood-sucking vampires made
acceptable to children.


Who would imagine that your local Barnes and Noble bookstore could be a den of demons for children? I like bookstores, including Barnes & Noble. I’m a reader and writer. Barnes and Nobles has some great stuff. They sell my books. I’d go in more frequently, but I’m tempted to buy more books than I can afford. Sunday, our youngest child was looking for a book and wanted me to take her to the store. While in the children’s section I saw something that made my blood boil. I already knew that the publishing industry had targeted young children for occult-themed books; I just didn’t know how bad things had become. Books designed by demons were everywhere, especially this Halloween season.

  Making ghosts/demons
seem friendly.
Book promotes young girls talking to the dead.  Inside of “Girl Meets Ghost” makes necromancy cool to kids.
Girl in ghost book is really a witch, suggesting children can
explore witchcraft as a fun pastime.

One display island was piled with dozens of titles, all of them potentially injurious to the spiritual health of a child. Some encouraged divination, others witchcraft, fear, necromancy, ghosts, zombies. Everything demonic you could imagine had one or more titles written for children. The photos below, along with the captions, speak for themselves. This is what America has come to with our departure from a biblical world view. You and I must prepare the next generation to wage spiritual warfare against the outcome of kids reading books like these!

 Sign on top of books displayed.
Zombie ballerina book for kids.

An encouraging word: TAKE A STAND ON HALLOWEEN
My blog today highlights what happens when a nation turns its back on God. All that is evil is no longer eschewed. It’s eventually embraced. Even occult practices once considered spiritually deadly become a playground for children.  This Halloween is your time to take a stand. Don’t be embarrassed to say your kids won’t trick or treat. Don’t be intimidated to dress up in hideous, even murderous, costumes as I saw the Duck Dynasty Family do the other night on TV. “Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord” (2 Cor. 6:17).  Make that your mission on October 31.


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