Monday, February 5, 2018
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I’ve been reading again the gospels, for my own edification. Over a lifetime, I’ve read them many times, but this go-around is to see what fresh truths I can find. As I began Mark’s gospel, I was struck immediately that this account of Christ’s life is unashamedly a document about demons. Consider the evidence:
  • Mark’s first reference to ministry by Jesus is an exorcism, the casting out of demons from a worshiping, godly Jew in the synagogue. (Our International School of Exorcism analyzes this exorcism in detail, especially pointing out that this man was obviously known as a devout follower of God who had never manifested demons before, until Christ was present.)
  • Just eight verses later (v. 34), Mark recounts, that same day in the evening, Jesus “drove out many demons.” That’s a lot of deliverance in one day!
  • Five verses later (a. 39), Mark says again that Jesus continued “driving out demons.”
  • All total, there are 14 references in Mark to casting out demons.
  • There are just 10 references to healing, and two to preaching.

What more incontrovertible evidence do we need? Yes, Mark isn’t the only gospel. Luke uses the word “demons” 18 times; Matthew 12 times. And how many times has your pastor used the word “demons” lately? How many times have you heard your favorite TV preacher refer to demons in the context of genuine exorcism and deliverance?

The documentation is overwhelming. Only John’s gospel goes light on this issue; but as Course 9, Level 1, of our School of Exorcism explains, the Johannine epistles and his Revelation frequently reference demons and Satan’s kingdom. If anything, the subject of casting out demons is OVEREMPHASIZED in the first three gospels, not under-mentioned. Should followers of Christ and Christian leaders do any less? Never accuse good deliverance ministries of a theological imbalance; the exegetical disequilibrium is on the side of those who neglect or oppose exorcism!

An encouraging word: REJOICE WHEN GOD TESTS YOU
Psalm 11:5 says, “The Lord tests the righteous” (NKJV). What’s the point of that? Why not leave them alone? Why not test the ungodly? Why try (KJV) those who are doing their best to serve the Lord? Because God wants us to be better, therefore He tests our faith. For our own good, He lovingly pushes us onward and higher. Perhaps He has more wonderful things in store for us and doesn’t want us slacking off short of the greatness of our goal. So, when the Lord tests you, rejoice. He’s putting His confidence in you that you’re capable of doing even more for him. The test is His way of showing that.

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