Monday, October 5, 2015
I’ve heard of instances in which mentally disturbed people have actually gouged out their own eye(s) in response to Matthew 5:29: If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. But a North Carolina woman has taken this a step further. Jewel Shuping, age 30, suffers from a mental malady called Body Identity Integrity Disorder (BIID). She’s in excellent health but doesn’t want to be. She desires disability. Shuping says, “This is the way [blind] I was supposed to be born.” But Shuping didn’t stop with wishing blindness on herself; she sought out a psychologist who helped her achieve blindness by pouring drain cleaner in each pupil until she lost her eyesight.

How do I explain this? Clearly this is the work of Satan. Putting a fancy name on it like BIID obfuscates the fact that self-inducing blindness isn’t just aberrational, it’s downright wicked. Demonic. Perhaps Shuping has demons who induced her to do this. Or she may have a generational alter. (Ancestral Generational Dissociation, explained thoroughly in our International School of Exorcism®. Enroll now by CLICKING HERE.) For example, that ancestral, dissociated identity state, inherited genetically as a memory imprint by Shuping, may have actually been blinded at some time in history. This started a curse, passed on through the DNA, disposing future generations to want to be blind. A typical scenario would be this: Shuping did something to open the door to demons in her life, which then activated the ancient curse, compelling her to want to be blind. Don’t underestimate what demons can do if given the chance. This case of deliberate self-blinding also gives a new slant on the words of 1 John 2:11: “He who hates his brother is in darkness . . . the darkness has blinded his eyes.”

 An encouraging word:  GOD BLESSES ABUNDANTLY

What is your need today? Do you think that God is too busy to respond or that others may have greater challenges than you? We often fail to ask of the Lord for illogical reasons such as these. Ephesians 3:20 reminds us that Jesus wants to bless us “exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think . . .” That’s pretty big. Stop what you’re doing and ask largely of the Lord. Expand your faith beyond your personal efforts to succeed, and live with the expectation that God will intervene on your behalf in an abundant way. He wants to and He is waiting for you to ask.

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