Thursday, March 19, 2015




When a newspaper headline blares The Demonic Wellspring, of course it gets my attention. More so if it’s the Wall Street Journal. The article in reference was about the release of several new secular books on the movement we’ve come to know as ISIS/ISIL/IS (Islamic State), the terrorist Muslim militants declaring an Islamic caliphate in parts of Syria and Iraq. Like some kind of metastasizing spiritual cancer it seems to grow no matter how many air sorties the U.S. and its allies may fly. IS has already conquered an area the size of Britain and is gaining footholds in far-away Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan. As the WSJ article observed, “ISIS seems to be nourished from a demonic wellspring.” No kidding. Just in January our President called them the “jay-vee.” Well, now they are the “first-string” of our worst nightmares. The appeal of IS to bloodlust, attracting educated and well-off aspirants from western nations, is growing. But here’s what those on the liberal left don’t get: The deeds of IS are consistent with the hadith teachings of their prophet Muhammad. Even if the majority of Muslims don’t see it that way, there are enough Islamic adherents who do. Beheadings, the killing of apostates, slavery and subjection of women does have religious sanction in some corners of Islam. In short, IS may not be Islam, but it is definitely Islamic. In my thinking, it boils down to this. If Christians espoused the same beliefs as IS they would be immediately, severely condemned by their co-religionists, their companions in faith. But faint is the outcry of the Islamic nations who are willing to join the war against this perversion of their own religious consciences. On the contrary, every pornographic, demonic beheading brings more recruits. The persistent savagery of IS is indeed demonic. Its own gore may cause it to collapse in the end, from the sheer disgust of decent humans. But how many more innocents will die before that happens? IS needs to be bombed, but because it is a “demonic wellspring” it also needs to be bound — in the name of Jesus!


An encouraging word:

We are encouraged in 2 Corinthians 10:4 to pull down spiritual “strongholds” that oppose the power of God. I could speak many words about his, but in short a stronghold is the bulwark of the enemy designed to destroy us or at least slow us down. It becomes stronger and stronger until it enslaves us in every way possible, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. At that point we need a real breakthrough from the Lord to pull it down. If the devil has built such strongholds around your life, nothing short of true deliverance will get you free. Noble intentions and good works aren’t enough. Promises and resolutions will likely fail. It takes intervention from the Lord, and He is ready to do that today.

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