Friday, June 13 2014


A fascinating book called Dear Leader has been written by a former top Communist government official of North Korea, Jang Jin-sung. In 2004 he fled his country after discovering that what he had been commissioned to write by his political leaders simply wasn’t true. At one point his job was to write praiseworthy poems about Kim Jong il, North Korea’s former dictatorial ruler. Eventually Jin-sung saw through his sycophant servitude. He discovered how North Korean brainwashing was rewriting literature and history to create a personality cult. He tells the way propaganda poets were paid by the state to mold the minds of citizens. While people in villages were starving and “waiting for death” due to shortages caused by the Communist system, he was penning poems which addressed Jong il as “Lord.” It wasn’t until he began reading banned books about his own country’s history that the truth unfolded to him.


The tragedy of such brainwashing is that so many suffer for the sake of a single autocratic leader. In a spiritual context, many more suffer because they are victims of demonic indoctrination. The propaganda poets of our culture are Washington politicians, actors, writers, and entertainers. Most, without realizing it, propagandize for the devil by furthering an agenda of godlessness and immorality. Sadly, too many believe such disinformation. They’ve been brainwashed to believe that the Bible can’t be trusted, religion is a crutch, and that all preachers and priests are corrupt and “in it for the money” or some other self-aggrandizing motive. Stop for a moment and think about what you believe. Is it the result of objective investigation or have you been demonically indoctrinated?

An encouraging word:  FEAR GODWant to hear something that is not preached much from pulpits today? Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling (Psalm 2:11). This kind of accountability to God doesn’t set well with easy believism. There is much emphasis today in some Christian churches on serving God as a friend, a good buddy, not exactly someone you’d reverentially “fear.” As for trembling? You have to go back to colonial times and Jonathan Edwards in 1741 preaching about “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” which emphasizes Hell as a very real place. It’s not that I want people cowering before a God who is so ticked-off that He is about the lower the spiritual hammer. But the pendulum of fear v. warm-and-fuzzy seems to have swung a little far the wrong direction.


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