Thursday, October 17th 2013





Ke$ha on Jimmy Kimmel show.


Ke$ha with an appropriate Jezebel look.



November 2012 I did a blog about the subject of incubus, demons cohabiting with humans. In that blog entitled “Incubus in Entertainment” I wrote: The idea of sex with demons is as old as antiquity. Anyone seriously involved in deliverance runs into it constantly. Incubus, from the Latin “incubo,” to “lie upon” occurs when a demon takes on male substance to cohabit with a woman. The female opposite is called succubus. Though the subject is taboo in Christian circles that has not always been so. St. Augustine dealt with the subject in “The City of God,” in which the Church Father stated, “There is also a very general rumor. Many have verified it by their own experience and trustworthy persons have corroborated the experience others told, that sylvan and fauns, commonly called incubi, have often made wicked assaults upon women.”

In this same blog I went on to expose the antics of Ke$ha, a singer-song writer-rapper, who claims to have had sex with a “ghost,” described in her song “Supernatural.” She explained the song by saying, “It’s about experiences with the supernatural, but in a sexy way. I had a couple of [sexual] experiences with the supernatural. He was a ghost. I’m very open to it.” Now, a year later, Ke$ha is even more specific about her demonic intimacies. On TV’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this week she described how a hypnotherapist told the artist that she had a demon in her vagina, which the counselor “exorcised,” confirming the experience on a “ghost meter.” Ke$ha also claims to have been a warrior princess in a past life (previous incarnations are never impoverished – sarcasm intended).

Ke$ha also admited to having “issues” that she needs resolved, as if that weren’t obvious. Kimmel laughed it all off, appearing to be somewhat embarrassed by the craziness. I take what she says seriously. Supernatural sex, incubus and succubus, is a guaranteed way to get a demon. I’ve done hundreds of exorcisms on such individuals and can testify that this form of possession is hideous. Warning: don’t yield your body to any ghostly lover.  It’s your soul the demon is after. Ke$ha needs a real exorcism and healing for whatever emotional issues ail her. (My guess based on decades of experience with such cases? Molestation rape, or some sexual violation in her past.) Ke$ha, if you read this, with the help of Christ, I can deliver you from your torment with no ghost meters needed — only the blood of Jesus and a command for the demon of Incubus to leave!

An encouraging word: CHRIST IS THE ANSWER

Every day we hear about troubled souls turning to New Age quackery for help. It may be crystals, sweat lodges, vision quests, hypnosis, past life therapy or some other silliness. The story is always the same. It helps for a while but then things get worse. That’s what they tell me when they come for an exorcism. If these deceived individuals would have sought Jesus first they could have saved themselves a lot of trouble. These occult diversions don’t help and only increase the torment. CHRIST IS THE ANSWER! Seek Him first and He will set you free before you get into more bondage.


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