Monday, May 22, 2017


Hindu god Shiva being given marijuana.
Parvati, goddess of fertility, dispenses it.
Sex, drugs and . . . demons!


Here’s something you may not know. As an exorcist, I spend considerable time ministering to those addicted to all kinds of drugs. Because of this experience, I’ve observed several things about the process of addiction. First, the effect of drugs on people behaviorally and spiritually. Second, which drugs are the worst. The answer to the latter is easy, meth. It burns the brain. It induces psychosis and all kinds of mania and paranoia. Its effect is lasting, even long after a meth addict has become a Christian. But in second place to meth is pot. Weed. Marijuana. It’s a killer, but not like heroin or crack. It’s a slow killer, and it’s the drug that is a gateway to all others. Almost 100% of all demonized addicts I’ve encountered, and they number in the hundreds, started out with marijuana as their initial drug of choice. And get this. My observational data reveals that more people get demons from pot than any other drug!

Case in point. I recently did a Personal Spiritual Encounter with a pothead, a Christian, who vehemently defended his right as a Believer to smoke weed. I directed him to an online entry of the journal “Psychology Today,” one of the top 10 consumer magazines. In an article entitled “History of Cannabis in India” the magazine states, “Cannabis has a long history . . . in the Vedas, sacred Hindu texts.” The article further discloses something which I’ve known for years, namely, that marijuana (ganja, bhang) was believed by Hindus as far back as 4,000 years ago to be inhabited by “guardian angels” (read that demons). The article further states that, “The god Shiva is frequently associated with cannabis.” (Shiva, known as the god of death and destruction, is one of the three principle deities in Hinduism.)
More could be said, but isn’t this enough for any Christian to think twice about claiming Christ and smoking weed? Yet some do. I’ve met these defenders of getting high and heard all their fallacious arguments. Countless times demons manifesting in drug addicts have admitted that they got there by the gateway of marijuana and pushed their host on to harder drugs. In case the reader is too purple-hazed to get my point, pot will get you demons and those demons will spur you on to even worse drugs to seal the doom of your addiction. To avoid the demons of weed, don’t take the first whiff. That “sweet leaf” may come wafting your way with a demon you didn’t plan on getting.


An encouraging word: CHRIST IS THE ANSWER
Every day we hear about troubled souls turning to New Age quackery for help. It may be crystals, sweat lodges, vision quests, hypnosis, past life therapy or some other silliness. The story is always the same. It helps for a while but then things get worse. That’s what they tell me when they come for an exorcism. If these deceived individuals would have sought Jesus first they could have saved themselves a lot of trouble. These occult diversions don’t help and only increase the torment. CHRIST IS THE ANSWER! He promised, “My peace I give to you, not as the world gives do I give to you” (John 14:27).

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