Tuesday, March 11th 2014

Last Friday, a pregnant mother drove her car and three small children into the sea off Daytona Beach, Florida. The woman, Ebony Wilkerson, had told her sister that there were demons in her house and she was trying to keep her children safe. To do that she plunged her minivan into the Atlantic Ocean surf. Alert onlookers rushed toward the vehicle and heard the children crying, “Our mom is trying to kill us.” Eventually the terrified children were pulled from the vehicle averting their certain death. Meanwhile, Wilkerson walked away with, what one witness described as, a “possessed” look on her face. When later arrested by police, she talked to authorities and “jumped from one religious topic to another,” according to a legal affidavit. She is currently charged with three counts of aggravated child abuse in addition to a first-degree murder charge.

Is Wilkerson mentally ill? Most likely. Psychotic? Probably. Demon possessed? Certainly under some kind of demonic attack. Why would I think this was more than religious paranoia? Because she tried to KILL THE KIDS! Crazy people do crazy things. They don’t necessarily attempt murder, especially when it’s a mother with three kids and one more on the way. The psychiatrists will all have their say about this, but as an exorcist, here’s my take. The especially heinous nature of this crime should shake people into acknowledging it is so outside the bounds of irrationality and motherly instinct that’s it’s hard to blame mental illness alone for what happened. Right now Wilkerson is held on a $1.2 million bond, and should be kept beyond bars. She needs a psychiatric evaluation. But she also needs spiritual intervention and an exorcism. She’ll likely get neither because our culture can’t stomach a biblical answer for such murderous behavior. Even most pastors and priests wouldn’t want to blame the devil. Wilkerson did. She said demons drove her to do it, and maybe even in her delusional mind she was closer to truth than most want to admit.

An encouraging word:  INCREASE OF EVIL

Do you ever get discouraged seeing the continued increase of evil all around? Isaiah felt the same way. He lamented, “Though grace is shown to the wicked, they do not learn righteousness . . . they go on doing evil . . . “(Isaiah 26:10). Nothing has changed since ancient times. In spite of God’s attempts to turn around sinners, some persist in doing wrong. Rather than becoming frustrated, we must learn to leave such things to the Lord. In the end, God will sort it all out. Instead of being saddened by the failure of others to do what God tells them, we should concentrate on whether we are doing what the Lord tells us to do.

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