All the talk has been about the financial cliff, but legislation can fix that. Congress can turn back the clock and quickly restore what got us into this economic mess. But the spiritual cliff we’ve gone over can’t be remedied so easily.  Worse yet, we’re in a moral free fall with no bottom in sight.

Since Barack Obama assumed duties as US President and commander-in-chief, at least 30,137 veterans and military members have died from suicide, according to the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs and the US Centers for Disease Control. I’m not holding President Obama directly responsible, but it happened on his watch. That’s considerably more than all those who died in combat in the active military zones of Iraq and Afghanistan combined in more than a decade. This is truly a national disaster of epic proportions that needs immediately attention from all our political and spiritual leaders.

We now know that the President’s own city, Chicago, has become the murder capital of America. And the city’s mayor is Obama’s former chief of staff. Who knows, maybe the same thing might have happened if McCain had won in 2008, but that’s a moot point. The reality is, our nation has plunged off a moral embankment with no parachute in sight. Certain political leaders, some of the entertainment industry, the violent video gamers, and feel-good preachers have all stood by and allowed our national moral climate to descend into an abyss.

On a world and national level, you and I alone can’t stop this nosedive to disaster. But we can reach out, one-by-one, to rescue the victims of this demon cliff. We can minister inner healing to the sexual abuse victims of our eros-obssessed culture. We can give hope to the brokenhearted who have suffered rejection and abandonment. And we can declare deliverance to all the victims who have turned to the occult and the New Age for empty answers. As for our me and our ministry, we can and we will stop every soul possible from falling off the demon cliff into the arms of Satan.