Monday, October 10, 2016

A doctor performing surgery. Could he do this and have a demon? 

Can a doctor have demons? Yes. Can a teacher, lawyer, professor, or pastor have demons? Yes, yes, yes, yes. In my one-on-one Personal Spiritual Encounter session, I deal with people of all professions, from the most-schooled to the least-educated. All ages. All races. All genders, yes even some who aren’t sure. You’d be amazed at who seeks me out. People from Hollywood and politics. Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, and almost every religious viewpoint on earth. Individuals from almost every nation, many of those outside the USA by Skype. When it comes to needing deliverance, there is no stereotype. Anyone can have a demon, and when that person is tormented and they know they need an exorcist, who’re you gonna call?

But back to doctors. I mention that because the medical profession is held in such high esteem. You’ve probably heard the sarcastic comment about someone being an M.D., “medical deity.” Doctors know so much that the rest of us don’t. They toss around multi-syllable, diagnostic words as casually as the ordinary person orders a pizza. Most folks couldn’t imagine such a person having an evil spirit. But like anyone, a highly trained physician can have resident evil and still skillfully function on the job. Just like some pastors have demons and still preach.

I recently did an exorcism on a doctor. And this individual wasn’t the first from this highly-regarded profession. The person I speak of knew how to cure others, but he couldn’t fix himself. He suffered from multiple physical issues, some debilitating. He barely made it to the session he was so weak. Yet when his demons manifested, he became so violent that I, and two people assisting me, could barely keep things under control A blood-covenant demon of human sacrifice went back 20 generations. The result was that this doctor himself was dying from a whole series of maladies with names I could barely pronounce. After a long intensive battle with evil, he was set free AND HEALED! He walked from the room a completely different person.

This doctor found an answer to his physical suffering. Whoever you are, whatever your education or standing in life, you can have demons, and you can be set free in the name of Jesus. Satan is no respecter of your intelligence or social standing. Anyone can have a hidden, ancestral curse they know nothing about. This curse may be destroying them mentally and physically. The only way to know you are free from such oppression is to go through the process of curse-breaking and deliverance. Get our books such as CURSE BREAKING, JEZEBEL, DEMON-PROOFING PRAYERS, and DEALING WITH DEMONS. (To order CLICK HERE.) And call today to schedule a Skype or in-person Encounter. Confront the evil that may be hiding inside you, or someone you love. Destroy your demons before your demons destroy you!


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An encouraging word: CHRIST IS OUR PEACE
The world is seeking peace. Individuals are doing yoga and meditating to find peace. Others take drugs, both prescription and psychoactive recreational drugs. All in the effort to find peace. Ephesians 2:14 makes a simple, and remarkable, declaration: “He Himself is our peace.” Peace is not just a state of mind. Peace is not just the cessation of conflict. Peace is a person, and that person is God’s Son, Jesus Christ. His indwelling presence does more than bring peace by the forgiveness of sins. When He abides within the soul of an individual, that person has peace because of His presence. If you are seeking peace, Christ is your peace. Invite Him into your heart, the Prince of Peace, and you will be peaceful.

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