Deliverance not needed bob larson

Deliverance isn’t needed. Not if your goals are consistent with contemporary Christianity. Let’s ask a provocative series of questions. Do you need deliverance if  . . .

  • You want to establish a well-attended mega-church?
  • You aspire to get a Christian book on the best-sellers charts?
  • You build a huge Christian radio or TV network?
  • You fill arenas with thousands of conference attendees?

The answer is apparent. All these things are taking place without the slightest mention of what consumed one-third of the ministry of Christ. And how do these ventures succeed? Sometimes by clever merchandising, smart marketing, consumer research, and savvy consultants. That’s not to say that any of these goals stated above is wrong per se. In fact they are good goals. We all wish spiritual success for the noble and dedicated ventures of every ministry and anointed individual. We want people in church, reading Christian books, watching Christian TV, and attending Christian conferences. So what’s the problem?

First, disobedience to the clear commands of Christ  Every time he sent out the two, the twelve, or the seventy (Matt. 10:8, Mark 6:7, Luke 10:19) they were told to  “CAST OUT DEMONS.” So says the Great Commission of Mark 16:15-17.  Second, ignoring the need for deliverance consigns people in the pew to torment of which they dare not speak.  They suffer in silence. Frankly, just imagine walking up to the average pastor and telling him that you have poltergeists in your house, that you hear voices telling you to kill yourself, or that you are being sexually assaulted by demons. Get ready for him to call 911 and have you taken away. In most evangelical churches exorcism and deliverance are denied, castigated, or at best sequestered. For the sake of those suffering demonic attacks, just as they did in the Bible, this situation has to change. I’m doing all I can to alter the spiritual landscape of modern evangelicalism and make people aware of the bondage that exists in our antiseptic, Christian environment. Join me.