Monday, July 25, 2016


Don’t hide the past by suffering in silence!


The below is adapted from chapter three of Bob’s book,
DEALING WITH DEMONS, “Creeping Determinism” section.

What I write about below, is important when dealing with victims who’ve suffered any kind of abuse, especially that inflicted by a parent. In his book Why We Make Mistakes, author Joseph T. Hallinan points out a concept that is important in ministering to those who have been demonically attacked: “creeping determinism.” Not only are human beings prone to exaggerate or minimize past occurrences of trauma, depending on the particular need, but they also “misremember” what actually happened. In my words, they lie to themselves.

Demons may be part of this process of self-protective prevarication. The effect is even more dramatic if the individual also suffered something so terrible that there was an immediate need to cancel its pain by instantly reframing the event in the mind. This is why in deliverance ministry the process of inner healing and recovered memories is so important. So is exploring the possibility of dissociative identity disorder (DID).

It’s common for victims of abuse to make excuses about the bad behavior of their abuser, especially someone in close relationship to them. Shouldn’t the victim of abuse give grace and overlook their ill treatment? That’s the mind-game that many Christians play in their attitude toward past abusers. It sounds good, but it’s a deadly trap laid by evil spirits. A lie is a lie, no matter what extenuating circumstances may be present. When that lie is at the root of a demonic opening in one’s life, shading the account of an abuser’s brutality, the outcome is always the same: continued bondage until the truth comes through and can be faced honestly.

When ministering inner healing it’s important that the recipient of abuse deal honestly with the truth of what was done to them. The purpose is not to instill greater resentment of their abuser(s) but to not allow “creeping determinism” to gradually minimize the damage of the abuse at the time it occurred. In retrospect, the pain of mistreatment may have diminished over time, but the point of demonic entry was created by what the individual felt at the time the evil actions occurred. It was the anger and bitterness that they felt back then that may have given demons a legal right of entry. Closing that demonic door means that the victim of abuse must face how they felt at the time the emotional or physical injury took place. Only then can they completely release it to the Lord for emotional and spiritual healing.



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An encouraging word: PLANT A SEED BY SERVING
Some think that what’s important to being a Christian is getting saved. But the Messianic Psalm 22:30 declares, “Posterity (‘a seed” KJV) shall serve Him.” There’s a wealth of biblical instruction in those few words. More is required of Christians than just to confess Christ. We are to serve Him with all our hearts. A seed does no good unless it is planted. Our lives, even as converted believers, produce no fruit unless we serve the cause of Christ. Think today of ways that you can serve the Lord by planting the seed of your life in some way.

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