Monday, July 4, 2016

The below is adapted from my latest book, DEALING WITH DEMONS,
Chapter Three, the section on Hindsight Bias.

I am indebted to author Joseph T. Hallinan for his book, Why We Make Mistakes. The book is primarily an exploration of the human condition of error, even with the best of intentions and meticulousness in avoiding it. In the section of his book called, “Hindsight Isn’t Twenty-Twenty,” Hallinan points out that “hindsight bias” is a constant source of human error. In essence, the author believes that the outcome of individuals’ lives has a strong influence on how they see the past. This is what he calls “hindsight bias.”Almost every person I have counseled who experienced tragedy at a young age has such bias.

What a person becomes later in life affects how they remember what it was like many years before. This is the historical revisionism I referred to. Many times a retrospective lens on the past ought not to be trusted. Our emotions lie to us, especially if demonic forces are there to reinforce that lie. I’ve seen this play out over and over. The result is that people coming for ministry many not be able to recognize curses in their past, because the evil that was said or done to them has been so greatly minimized.

The victim of any kind of childhood abuse or mistreatment has a vested interest in hindsight bias. It aids their ability to overlook how terrible past experiences may have been. The upside is it may ameliorate some of the effect of significant trauma. The downside is that it covers up painful memories that need to be healed. More than that, it actually rewrites the way that those memories are perceived, placing them in a less horrific context. Hindsight bias is one thing if it’s a matter of how a historian views a past war or the effect of a certain political regime. It’s another matter if the bias conceals or minimizes the effect of personal evil on the one who has experienced it. This concealment is one way that demonic forces keep a tormented individual from seeking help. They so negate the authenticity of their emotions that they actually lie to themselves about the truth of what happened.

Don’t suffer from “hindsight bias.” Get help today and see the past for what it really was.

An encouraging word: USE YOUR GIFTS FOR GOD
Moses doubted himself so much that he questioned whether he was fit to confront Pharaoh (Exodus 3:11). The Lord asked Moses what he held in his hand. The answer? “A rod.” For 40 years Moses had carried that rod, which seemed insignificant it him. He didn’t realize what it would mean when empowered by God, even to the parting of the Red Sea. What is it that you have in your hands that God might use? What gift or talent that you’ve carried around without realizing how important it can be, if empowered by God? Today, find your “rod” and use it.

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