Monday, May 9, 2016

The below is adapted from Chapter Two of
DEALING WITH DEMONS, “Cracking the Code” section.

When I start to minister to someone they usually begin telling me their problem(s). Often I interrupt to say, “Let me first find out some things about you.” Some are offended. They want me to get on with the job of getting out the devil. They want an exorcism and they want it now. They want deliverance and they want it yesterday. Sometimes I call this “drive-through deliverance.” But getting the devil out is not the same as keeping him out.

Evil is not random or capricious. It is deliberate with a defined matrix. More important, these patterns change little. Once you decipher the code of the devil, you know how to spot it under many seemingly different circumstances.

Decipherment, as it’s known in the world of code-cracking, typically involves ancient languages or military communications. Today it may also refer to the Human Genome Project whose goal has been to determine the sequences of base pairs that make up the human DNA. This endeavor has turned out to be the world’s largest collaborative biological project. Since it was completed in 2003 about 90 percent of the human genome has been mapped with 99.99 percent accuracy. (By the way, that 90 percent uses only about 10 percent of the available genetic coding material.)

Here is a discrepancy I find interesting. Science takes such a meticulous approach to the solving of human misery while many involved in deliverance ministries take a shotgun approach, firing ammunition in every direction in hopes of hitting something. Could it be that Satan’s plans are just as complex but just as discoverable? With all the yelling and commanding done in some deliverance circles, often with little permanent results, shouldn’t we be considering a more methodical approach?

I’ve heard the arguments, “Jesus cast out demons quickly,” or “He did it with just a word” (see Matthew 8:16). The idea is that ridding someone of demons should be quick and easy. Seldom is that the case. Deliverance can be an arduous process. I genuinely want to make it faster, easier, and more effective. That’s why cracking the code is so important.

An encouraging word: ONE MAN DIED FOR SIN
The Bible is clear about the existence of sin in mankind. “Through one man, sin entered the world,” Romans 5:12 tells us. That man was Adam. Verse 15 of that chapter reminds us that another man, Jesus Christ, became the second Adam to remove the curse of sin. Jesus represented the entire human race on the cross and paid the price for the first Adam’s sin. By this, the effect of sin on the human race was overcome, and it is now possible for all to be saved, forgiven, and have eternal life. One man brought evil and death. One man destroyed that evil by his death. Trust in that one man, the incarnate Jesus, today, and you too will be free from sin.

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