Monday, April 25, 2016


The below is adapted from Chapter One of “Dealing with Demons.”
          As a society, we listen to the opinions of cable news pundits who fan the flames of fear and give few answers. We observe court psychiatrists on both sides of the insanity defense divide. We’re told that some psychotic episode detached the killer from reality, or that a narcissistic, self-focused outlook prevented the murderer from understanding the consequences of his actions. But inside we know that something so bad must have its roots in a dimension outside the realm of ordinary human existence. Something diabolical, something supernatural, something too debased for rational minds to grasp must have influenced, even overpowered, the thinking of individuals we classify as deranged mass murderers.

Even when preachers follow up such hideous happenings with comments like, “This was demonic,” or “Satan did this,” they often don’t really mean what they say. Modern theology and evangelical thinking have distanced themselves from the idea that the devil and demons play any kind of significant role in human behavior. Part of the problem is that, if they took Satan seriously, what would they really do about it? By and large they’ve expunged the idea of casting out demons with any kind of frequency. Exorcism just isn’t an option. What’s left but to minimize the role of evil spirits and relegate their intervention in human affairs to infrequent at best?

Unthinkable behaviors are correctable, if you have the right diagnosis. I audaciously claim, after decades of ministering exorcism and deliverance to tens of thousands of people, that spiritual forensics are possible. Yes, you can actually spot the fingerprint of Satan, and you can determine if any action or behavior is essentially demonically motivated. You can crack the code on Satan’s schemes and reveal the clandestine evil machinations that are at work. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if you personally could crack that code with friends and loved ones?

Wouldn’t it bring comfort to understand what’s behind their inconsistent actions and to know how to pray for them and minister to them? Being able to identify the fingerprint of Satan would revolutionize Christian counseling and inner healing ministries. And it would radically change the lives of those you love and care about.


An encouraging word: DOCTRINES OF DEMONS
There are many diabolical beliefs all around us. Cults. New Age. False Christian sects. Other religions, such as Islam. Spiritual error is everywhere, but we shouldn’t be surprised. The apostle Paul warned Timothy (1 Timothy 4:1) this would happen. Furthermore, Paul warned that these errant teachings would actually come from evil spirits, “doctrines of demons.” We must all walk daily in God’s Word to avoid being thus deceived. Beware lest you “depart from the faith.” Take adequate time today to fill your heart and mind with Scripture and God’s truth.

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