Friday, Oct 31, 2014

Today’s the day. Tonight’s the night, when all things ghostly and ghoulish come out in the form of a cultural obsession with death. Otherwise normal people will deliberately try to look like a skeleton or some fiend from the grave. But for some, Halloween is all year long. They search art houses and the internet to find actual artifacts of death–skulls, mummified human heads, bones, skeletons and the like. Human remains are not confined to cemeteries and morgues. There is a big market for those fascinated with shrunken heads and other oddities, found at antique fairs and exotic markets. You can get an actual human skull on eBay for a couple of hundred dollars; an infant’s skeletal remains for a little more than $1000. When buying, you may be best to use a code word such as “natural material” rather than human bones, which some are skittish to sell. I came across this macabre market in a newspaper article and filed it away to discuss on today’s day of the devil, Halloween.

It’s a sick fascination, of course, but worse yet it can be an invitation to demons. Satanist love to keep around the remains of human bones, mostly to freak-out people. The devil has other ideas. This allurement of human remains which attracts demonic forces can be extended to cremated remains. (See my book CURSE BREAKING for a detailed analysis of the dangers of cremation. To order CLICK HERE.) If you know someone who has this kind of morbid curiosity, warn them to back off. The skull on their mantle, or the facsimile on their T-shirt, may be an open door to demons.


An encouraging word:  IS GOD HIDING?

“Why, O Lord, do you stand far off? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?” That’s how the psalmist David felt (Psalm 10:1). And you and I have felt that during times of difficulty God was off somewhere showing no concern for our suffering. The problem may be our perspective. It’s not God who is far off, it is we who are far from him. We have run from His presence with our sin and faithlessness. Never fear. God isn’t hiding. He is everywhere all the time. But if it feels that the Lord isn’t around, check to see who moved. It’s probably you.

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