If you’re over 40, prepare for culture shock. A recent survey reveals what singles currently look for in a date. If you thought that the important qualities sought would be personality and morality think again. Teeth, good grammar, hair, and clothes top the list. Lowest on the list of top ten requirements is what electronic equipment they carry. Spirituality and moral decency aren’t even mentioned in the poll results.

The study of 5,500 unattached adults was commissioned by the web site  match.com. Other interesting results of the poll include:

  • 44% of women and 63% of men have had one night stands.
  • A third say they’ve had sex by the third date.
  • 36% have sent a sexy photo or text.

Here is the shocker, at least to those of us raised in more conventional times. Forty-six percent say they WOULD NOT date a virgin. The poll doesn’t tell us why; perhaps they want a more “experienced” date or that dating is trolling for sex and they might as well eliminate the no-shows. But putting teeth at the top and moral rectitude nowhere tells us a lot about our times. Okay, I get it. The teeth tell you something about the individual’s personal habits, whether they smoke or if they have good nutrition. Granted, that is important. It seems to me that where a potential mate will spend eternity should be at least as important as flossing. And the possibility of contracting a venereal disease through promiscuity should matter as much as whether they have an iphone or Android.