Monday, May 8, 2017

Left, in Ukraine, a student trained by our ministry, casts out demons as a woman writhes on the floor.
Right, an Encounter exorcism. Three people, including my wife Laura, restrain a woman manifesting.

The media often asks me, “How dangerous is it to be an exorcist?” I never think much about it. I’ve been gouged and bloodied a few times. Scratched. Spat on. Punched. Knocked down. Knives and guns pulled on me. Flipped over backwards and thrown across the room. I have a few minor scars. The worst was getting my ribs broken several years ago in Africa. But no permanent injuries. Considering I’ve done more than 40,000 documented exorcisms over four decades, that’s not too bad. God has protected me. Angels have rescued me, I’m sure. But it can be dangerous duty.

One of the most violent exorcisms was some years ago in Australia. It took 13 men, hanging on to various body parts, to control one man manifesting demons. Just a couple of weeks ago in Ukraine, a 16-year-old kid could barely be restrained by five huge men. He knocked me over, tore my suit coat, and we ended up rolling around on the floor as I exorcised the demons. I’ve seen a woman weighing little more than 100 pounds pick up a 250-lb. man with one arm and fling him aside. And, yes, I’ve seen a few levitations.

Most of the time, deliverance is not nearly as violent and paranormal as Hollywood imagines. But it can be dangerous if precautions aren’t taken. I bring this up because several recent exorcisms have been particularly dangerous. What would you expect? Demons foment wars, murder, domestic disputes, rape, and assorted crimes of violence. They possessed Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and assorted despots. They help organize MS-13 gangs. Demons inhabit jihadists who behead the innocent. And they stalk the mean streets of South Chicago.

Being an exorcist may be dangerous duty, but I’m still alive and have never had a life-threatening injury. God has kept me safe. And if you’re called to deliverance ministry, He’ll keep you safe, so long as you’re prayed up and don’t do something foolhardy. So, pick up the Sword of the Spirit, and enroll in our School of Exorcism. Put on the Armor of God according to Ephesians chapter six, and get ready to do battle against the devil. I promise you this. You’ll be blessed doing deliverance, more than any other endeavor for the Kingdom of Christ. Want to know what’s really dangerous? Pretending Satan is not real or denying the havoc he wreaks in the lives of Christians. That’s REALLY dangerous. And deadly!

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An encouraging word: STAYING POSITIVE
Someone commented to me recently, “The thing I most admire about you is that with all you’ve been through you keep a positive attitude about the future.” I was humbled to hear that; but it is true. In recent years, I’ve faced death several times and survived; first with acute diverticulitis in 2011 and then a heart attack in 2012. Add to that the struggles of pursuing an often-misunderstood ministry resulting in ever-present financial challenges. But how could I be otherwise than positive. I’ve been promised that “no weapon formed against you will prosper” (Is. 54:17) and “if God is for us, who can be against us” (Rom. 8:31). The secret to staying positive is basing your future on God’s Word, not your fears.

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