It’s official. What you’ve suspected by personal observation is now confirmed by statistics. Unmarried couples are living together longer, and more of them are having children. All of this brings a powerful, evil curse on the couples and our nation. More on that in a moment.

Nearly half of women in the 15-44 age group say that their first “union” was cohabitation, not marriage. And that’s just stats through 2010. Only 23% say that their first “union” was marriage! Most cohabitation couplings are not permanent. The average length of staying together is only 22 months, during which one-fifth gave birth to a child. For those without a high school diploma, 70% of women cohabit.  It may be concluded that it’s not the rich and famous, such as movie stars, who are tipping the statistics. It’s the working class and poor who are perpetuating more poverty and misery by bringing into the world more children who can’t be cared for properly.  Furthermore, according to statistics, this underclass is more likely to enter into a second or third cohabitation, meaning  even more misery and more illegitimacy.

But there’s another issue besides economics and lack of vocational opportunity.  Curses.  Every cohabitation adds to the mix of generational evil.  The more partners in fornication, the more likely the spiritual contamination. Look at it this way. With one marriage partner you have two bloodlines of curses to deal with. With two cohabitations, it’s four; with three cohabitations it’s six and so on. And that doesn’t include all the hook-ups along the way.  Ever partner in cohabitation needs to read my new book CURSE BREAKING, especially chapter three about the Curse of Illegitimacy. Those ten pages will shake up any couple living in sin, and awaken them to what is happening to their offspring.