Monday, November 14, 2016


Cremating the dead in India, a ceremony I’ve witnessed in-person many times.
Hindus destroy the dead body to release the soul for reincarnation.

Chapter seven of our book CURSE BREAKING has an extensive section on the topic of cremation. (To order CURSE BREAKING CLICK HERE.) I make several salient points about burning bodies as a means of disposing of the dead. Among our criticisms are these:

  • Until recent years, cremation has been primarily practiced by pagans. Christian, Jews, and Muslim have all had strong beliefs in burial of the body.
  • Early Christians forbade cremation and insisted on burial as a testimony to their belief in the resurrection of the body.
  • Cremation is associated with beliefs in reincarnation, that the body must be destroyed to free the soul for transmigration.
  • Having cremation ashes in your presence is having a corpse that you are “touching.” Jewish law forbade touching or being in an enclosed space with a dead body (Ez. 44:25; Lev. 21:11)

For Catholics, the Vatican has now spoken clearly to this issue. Cremation is OK but keep the ashes off the mantel, and don’t scatter them in the ocean. And nix the latest fad of carrying around grandma or your dearly departed aunt Emma in a piece of jewelry. The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has issued instructions emphasizing that ashes need to be buried in “sacred places.” Though in 1963 the Catholic Church eased restrictions against cremation, the latest rules insist that ashes not be preserved in mementos. More succinctly, the Vatican declares,” By burying the bodies of the faithful, the Church confirms her faith in the resurrection of the body, and intends to show the great dignity of the human body as an integral part of the human person whose body forms part of their identity.” Amen.

I’m not a Catholic, nor am I in complete agreement with the entirety of this instruction; however, at least Catholics have spoken to this matter with more clarity than compromising evangelicals. Get my book on CURSE BREAKING, research this matter thoroughly, and the conclusion will be unmistakable. Bury your loved ones, instruct your remains to be buried, and break the curses of cremation.

An encouraging word: LET GOD EXAMINE YOUR HEART
How many of us can say, as did the psalmist David, “Examine me, Oh Lord.” Imagine a man submitting himself to be scrutinized by the Almighty God of the universe. David is asking the Lord to judge his integrity, his heart, the very essence of his soul. Would you be willing to make that petition to the Lord? We all should be willing to make our lives an open book, not just to the Lord, but to everyone. Remember, the Lord knows all the facts of your heart. He knows your thoughts. And whether you ask Him to examine your heart, He has already done it.

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