Wednesday, June 25, 2014


First he gave us “Walking Dead.” Now comic book writer Robert Kirkman’s next horror topic will be demons and exorcism, in a new series called Outcast. It’s the story of a man plagued with demonic possession all his life. According to sources familiar with development of Outcast (also coming to TV via the Showtime Channel) Kirkman believes in demonic possession. In the “Hollywood Reporter” Kirkman says of his new series, “It’s a big, epic story that involves exorcism and demon possession, and we’re trying to shine a new light on that genre of horror-fiction.” He goes on, “I don’t know if it’s quite as much of a bloodbath as The Walking Dead has turned out to be, but there certainly is an element of, ‘No one is safe.'”


Here we go again. Demon possession presented for commercial consumption, all dressed up as frightening, unearthly, uncanny, and bizarre. As someone who deals with demon possession almost every day of my life, let me loudly proclaim, THAT IS NOT THE WAY IT IS! Most people with demons appear normal, even successful. I have cast demons out of pastors, priests, nuns, worship leaders, Sunday school teachers, and every day, ordinary Christians who love the Lord. They are sometimes the victims of generational curses and were born with demons without realizing it. No one would suspect they have demons, even their own family members who may have been taught it just isn’t possible for a Believer in Christ to have a demon. I’m glad that Kirkman is giving the subject its due. I just wish it were more authentic so that the real sufferers of demon possession would understand that they don’t have to be a serial murderer or a social outcast to have a demon.

An encouraging word:  BE ON GUARD“Be on guard so that you may not  . . . fall from your secure positon.” There is not enough time here to explore all that this Bible verse (2 Peter 3:17) means theologically, but the practical effect of this caution is serious. Remember, Noah was righteous but got drunk after the flood. Samson was mighty for the Lord but lost his strength through an unholy relationship. David was Israel’s greatest king but sinned with Bathsheba. Great defeats sometimes follow wonderful spiritual accomplishments. Whatever you do for the Lord, great or small, be on guard.


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