Monday, March 16, 2015




As a minister, counselor, and exorcist, I often minister to the victims of our self-focused society that seeks personal/sexual pleasure without considering the costs. The unwanted consequences of such hedonism, children, often illegitimate or discarded, are usually the victims who suffer most. Now there is real economic evidence of this tragedy.  The offspring of unmarried, even cohabiting couples, now represent 25% of all births — 59% of all births outside of marriage. The problem? According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, such “families” suffer financially. Data shows that married households are far better-off financially. They are more likely to own homes and provide a college education for their children. Cohabiting couples are more likely to split up. The result is a patchwork of half-sibling, step-parents, child-support issues and a revolving door of “family” visits. All this leads to complexity and instability. Says Sara McLanahan, sociology professor at Princeton University, “There’s just a lot of complexity and instability in these households. There are enormous transaction costs involved in running a household like this, compared to just being a married-parent family and staying married.”

And there are a lot more demons from these situations that are also an invitation to all kinds of illicit behavior including incest, molestation, and physical abuse. Before they decide to move in with a significant other, couples should ask themselves what the real cost may be to the children conceived from such unions. The sin issues aside, there may be some cohabitants that do make it all seem to work out. But spending one day with me trying to spiritually pick up the demonized pieces of this puzzle will convince an objective observer that the price of living together is too costly in every way.


An encouraging word:

What does it mean to have God deliver us? If our adversaries were not stronger than us, than what need we have for the Lord’s intervention? We could do it ourselves. David said in Psalm 18:17, “He delivered me from my strong enemy . . . for they were too strong for me.” When evil attacks come, don’t complain that your enemy seems overwhelming. That’s when you need God, when you aren’t able to escape by yourself. Having to face strong opposing forces from hell is part of being a Christian. Today, don’t despair that the opposition seems powerful. Know that this is the time when God can step in to deliver.

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