Thursday, Nov 27, 2014

By now you’ve likely heard the bizarre news that Charley Manson is getting married. He has been convicted of the 1969 mass killing of pregnant actress Sharon Tate, 26, wife of director Roman Polanski; celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring, 35; screenwriter Voytek Frykowski, 32; and Folger’s-coffee-fortune heiress Abigail Folger, 25. On November 7, Kings County issued a marriage license for Manson, 80, to marry 26-year-old Afton Elaine “Star” Burton. Burton left her home nine years ago and has been living near where Manson is incarcerated so she could get to know him better. The wedding invitation above lists the sadistic, demon-possessed Manson as “Charles ‘Cuddle Bunny’ Manson.” Manson is pictured with his fingers up his nose, a tribute to his current contention that, “Air is god, because without air, we do not exist.”

As crazy as this all sounds, be prepared. It gets even crazier. Burton, almost 60 years younger than the man with whom she will never conjugate (death row inmates get no “private” visits), was raised in a strict, Baptist Christian home. As a child she gave her heart to Jesus. As a rebellious teen, Burton smoked pot and got high on mushrooms. At age 16 she started writing to Manson and eventually, at 19, hopped a train to California to be near the love of her life. Burton incredulously believes that Manson is innocent and says she thinks that being married to the killer will give her access to otherwise unobtainable documents so that she can prove his innocence.

I have several observations about this. First, in a delusional YouTube posted video, entitled “Daddy, I’m getting married to Charles Manson!” Burton clearly exhibits the personality of a child in an adult body. She obviously has a daddy-fixation with Manson. One has to wonder what father-figure bonding she missed at home. I’m not judging, just speculating. Her defense of Manson, in this video, is both psychotic as well as puerile. Burton dismisses the trial and conviction of Manson, based on massive evidence and the testimony of his own cult-following killers, as a “myth” generated by the media. Such conclusions speak of more than brainwashing. In my opinion, Burton is dissociated and some childlike alter personality inside has found the daddy she never had. (She has assumed the middle name “Star” which may be the name of her child alter-ego.) That mentally challenged part of her has a childish innocence that can’t cognitively comprehend the measure of Manson’s murders.

Second, do we need more proof that a Christian can have a demon? Of course, Burton is demonized. How else can this travesty be explained? She knew Jesus and was “saved.” Now demons of murder, confusion, and delusion have taken over her mind. Manson has demons and his demons have bonded with Burton’s demons. I know Manson has demons. Though I haven’t met him personally, I have talked privately with prominent Satanist who have been to prison and met with him personally. One of them even showed me the actual Bible that Manson reads, briefly loaned to this Satanist. The margins of the Bible were annotated with hideous, irrational comments, coded in colors, detailing his blasphemous, anti-Christ thinking. It’s no wonder that Manson and his demons would gain enormous satisfaction from spiritually and psychologically seducing a young woman, just as in his heyday he seduced the likes of Susan Atkins. Atkins, who died of cancer in 2009, murdered for Manson but found the Lord behind bars. Knowing that, there is still hope for “Star” Burton.

An encouraging word:  DON’T EXALT VILE MEN

A scripture I’ve often thought of, when reading the news headlines, is this (Psalm 12:8): The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted. I like the bluntness of the old King James Version. The NIV is a bit more polite: The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men. Either way, the point is that a failure in moral leadership leads to all kinds of lawlessness in the general population. In a nation, a state, a city, when righteousness decreases, wickedness increase. Our culture has made sin politically correct. But no matter how evil may be dressed in the finery of approbation, sin still takes a toll. Pain, suffering, heartache, and misery of all kinds accompanies evil. To heal who we are as a people, we need to start at the top down. We must stop exalting vile men and elect godly politicians, promote moral public figures, and restore the respect of clergy. As long as immoral men are leaders, those who are wicked will feel free rein to do their dirty deeds.


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