Big Brother Obama is watching, and in more ways than we imagined. Every day brings revelations that would make Richard Nixon embarrassed. First it was the Associated Press news organization whose phones have been indiscriminately tapped. Had the same thing happened under Bush it would be the lead story on every news network. In the name of national security the records of AP employee phone calls were monitored at office, at home, and on cell phones. Such blatant disregard for the laws of privacy is without excuse. Remember, this is the same Justice Department that selectively chose to disregard the Defense of Marriage act because it was politically incorrect. Gays, who might have applauded this decision, might wonder about the consequences of a homophobic government employee listening in on private sexual conversations.

The other headline is about the IRS refusing to even consider applications for non-profit status of conservative actions groups, while rubber-stamping any organization that was left-leaning. This abuse was so bad that for more than two years, not a single conservative, Tea-Party-style organization gained IRS approval while any group with “progressive” in its name sailed through. Since this discriminatory action took place as the 2012 Presidential election was in full swing, we can reasonably assume that it severely hindered the fund raising ability of anti-Obama groups and possible swung the election to Big Brother.

This is scary for Christians. Think of what would happen with the same IRS tactics applied to the application of any religious group that sounds remotely evangelical. What buzzwords would be used to persecute the church? Bible, faith, born-again, Calvary, new creation, Baptist, Pentecostal? Perhaps the President didn’t actually know this was going on. Even so, he has stacked every government agency with extreme left-leaning surrogates who hold an aversion toward politically and socially conservative organizations and individuals. This Obama mind-set has unquestionably filtered down from the top and pervades the thought processes of countless government functionaries. That has been somewhat the case with every administration and is part of politics; but this President has taken it to new extremes that are frightening for religious liberties. If Big Brother Obama is watching us that closely we need to pray harder than ever for our leaders, and look over our shoulders more frequently