Thursday, June 11, 2015



A little more than a week ago on May 28, I addressed the issue of whether or not an individual can be born with a demon, born evil. (To read “Born Evil, Part 1,” CLICK HERE.) At that time I choose the biblical example of the Canaanite woman whose daughter was demon possessed. This time let’s consider the demonized man in the synagogue described in Mark chapter one. Clearly, this man could not have manifested such violent demonic behavior before or he wouldn’t have been allowed in the synagogue. He obviously had been attending “church” on a regular basis and was known to the other attendees. His age we don’t know, but he would have been an adult. My point is that there is no evidence that this man acquired his demons through any deliberately evil acts on his part. Otherwise, Christ would rebuked him to go and sin no more. Rather, he was a godly Jew with a good reputation and no previous evidence of such satanic actions.

So, where did this man who convulsed, screamed, and shook violently get his demons? It’s reasonable to assume that the evil spirits were there all along, from birth. They were hiding and waiting for some opportunity to strike him. Instead, Christ appeared on the scene and interrupted their plans. This man was the victim of some generational curse, the inherited iniquity of his ancestors. As with all family curses, such evil is an influence or predisposition which can be overruled at least temporarily by positive spiritual conduct. Not everyone who is “born evil,” in the sense of inherited curses, gives in to the negative impulses. But such clandestine curses must be eradicated, just like a disease in remission, so that there is never a time when this perversity will rise up, for any reason, to afflict the soul of the unknowingly demonized individual.

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An encouraging word:

The Bible speaks of creation in poetic ways, but make no mistake. There is no intention to question that all creation is the handiwork of God. Of the sun, the psalmist said, “In the heavens He has pitched a tent for the sun (Psalm 19:4).”  What a beautiful picture of how God separated light from darkness by the sun. In the darkness of our universe, without a glimmer of light, the Almighty gave us the illumination of our solar system. A gigantic ball of fire in the sky would light every corner of our globe, and planets beyond. How God did this, and how long it took, may be matters of sincere debate. But make no mistake, God make it all happen.  And this is the same God who illuminates your life.

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