Monday, July 20, 2015

A one-night-stand and it’s over. A hook-up at a party and you move on. Right? Not so fast. What you may not realize is that the person you had sex with could stay with you for a very long time. And whatever curses that person has embedded in their DNA could become your permanent spiritual companions. Sound far-fetched? Don’t take my word for it. Medical researchers have discovered an interesting genetic quirk. A significant amount of women today have a Y chromosome in their blood, the chromosome belonging to men. This condition has a name, microchimerism. How did it happen? There are several possible sources, such as a past pregnancy of a male child, whether the child was aborted, miscarried, or carried to full term. There is also the possibility of a vanished male twin pregnancy. But the most interesting source of the Y chromosome, according to researchers at the Fred Hutchison Cancer Center, is sexual intercourse. That’s right, ladies, the genes of that lover under the cover may stay in your organs and blood stream the rest of your life!

From a standpoint of spiritual warfare, the findings of this research back up what those of us in deliverance ministry have long known, the power of soul-ties, especially sexual ones. My book CURSE BREAKING (To order CLICK HERE.) reveals the dangers of soul-bonding on any level, socially, economically, spiritually, and sexually. My book JEZEBEL (To order CLICK HERE.) also addresses this danger of sexual soul-ties.

It’s important that the effect of all past allegiances of this nature, especially past sexual dalliances, be terminated. CURSE BREAKING has special prayers that help the reader to break off these bondages from the past. The bad news is that your past indiscretions can come back to haunt you and future generations. For example, what if that past partner was involved in witchcraft or had an ancestor who dabbled in the occult? You can get the kick-back without even knowing what is happening. The good news is that you can break every curse of your past by faith in the power of Christ and confessing the curse to be null and void. You can’t change the past, but you can change how the past affects who you are today. Break those soul-tie curses now!


 An encouraging word:  GOD BROUGHT YOU FORTH

 Life has become cheapened today. From termination by abortion to the callousness of surrogacy and genetic selection via sperm banks. But the Bible teaches that every life is precious, and that God is the author of that life. “You brought me out of the womb, you made me trust in you,” King David said (Psalm 22:9). Though some see this as a messianic psalm, it has larger implications for every newborn child. Any parent, such as me, who has been present at the birth of a child (I have three daughters.) understands the mystery and awe of birth. No matter what the intentions of your parents, planned pregnancy or casual sex, you are wanted and loved by the Lord. It is He who brought you forth unto life. 

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