Pershotravensk is the city where the New Generation Bible College is located. The local congregation of the New Generation movement hosted Bob and the Teenage Exorcist for two Sunday services to kick off three days of intensive training in spiritual warfare. Nearly 3,000 people attended the services, including 500 students from the College. Sunday evening the Teenage Exorcists performed a remarkable exorcism on a violent man named Alexander. When Bob first approached him in the audience, he fell to the ground convulsing violently. He was brought on stage and had to be restrained to prevent harm coming to anyone. Eventually, Brynne, Tess, and Savannah uncovered a four-generation curse of a demon of Death and cast out the evil spirit. Afterwards, the exorcists were informed that Alexander was married to a young woman named Natasha and both were attending the College to study for ministry. They were the proud parents of anew child. But the story gets more interesting. Natasha was delivered when Bob was in this same city three years ago. At that time she had been involved in prostitution because of childhood molestation. After her deliverance in 2010 her life dramatically turned around and now she and Alexander have a wonderful Christian family.

At the end of the Sunday evening in Pershotravensk, Bob invited youth under to come on stage and learn exorcism. Out of the hundreds who manifested that evening, Bob picked about 40 special cases for the College students to work with. The Teenage exorcists guided the students for special hands-on-in-action experience in deliverance.