When most mothers ask their children to pray, they have spiritual intent. Elzabieta Plackowska, a 40-year-old Polish immigrant living in Naperville, Illinois, had murder in mind. She asked her seven-year-old son to kneel on his bedroom floor and pray. As she did, Plackowska stabbed him dozens of times as the child begged for his life. As she plunged the blood splattered knife over and over, she told her son he was going to heaven. That incredulous claim, though accurate, was about the only sensible statement that could be made regarding this brutal crime. And this murderous mom didn’t stop there. For good measure she also killed a kindergartner she was babysitting at the same time. Then, she dispatched two pet dogs in similar fashion.

This murderous mom told two tales to explain her erratic and gruesome behavior. She said to one detective that she was angry with her husband who was gone a lot and wanted to hurt him like she’d been hurt. Her other twisted logic was that she thought she was battling the devil and wanted to rid the children of their demons. For this she stabbed the youngsters repeatedly and slashed their throats.

Someone in this sad saga did have demons, and it’s not the kids — it’s the mom. Is there any other explanation that fits the crime? Of course she was mentally disturbed, but there are millions of mentally ill people who don’t resort to such unthinkable evil. How many more terrible crimes like this will be committed before mental health officials logically admit the truth? There is no state of mind so bad that it conjures this kind of brutality without supernatural influence. We’ve dismissed the devil from popular conversation, except to treat him as a trivialized team mascot or a cartoon character. But Satan is real and so are his demons. Unless the people who are invaded by these evil entities know that help is available for their murderous rages, there will be more incomparable crimes like this.

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