I’m still in a state of shock. Word of the cancelation reached me less than 30 hours before the show was to premiere. My agent was taken by surprise. The production company that filmed the show was stunned. We still don’t have all the answers, but here’s what we do know.

You’ve read my emails saying that for over a week our offices have been bombarded by incredibly obscene calls from homosexual activists. Someone from the gay community found a 14-year-old video of me casting a demon out of a man who mentioned being affected by homosexual desires. Though it wasn’t a “gay exorcism” as the activists proclaimed (the demon cast out was Anger), the facts were overlooked. My concern for the man I was exorcising was compassion for the terrible abuse he had suffered as a child. I was genuinely upset that this good and decent man had suffered so much emotional torment. The exorcism wasn’t about whether he was gay but rather giving him hope to rise above being a victim of sexual violation. My heart is always with those who hurt because they have been treated wrongly. Sadly, all that some heard was the word “homosexual” which led them to forge a widely coordinated campaign directed at our ministry resulting in harassment that was vile, threatening, and profane.

What I didn’t know was that Lifetime was also the target of a well-planned campaign to make sure that THE REAL EXORCIST never aired. Lifetime was inundated with calls and yielded to the pressure. Gay activists were successful in their efforts to stifle free speech. The show consisted of 16 episodes compiled into eight, one hour airings. Not a single episode even mentioned homosexuality. What was the gay community afraid of? Why should they be threatened by a program that had nothing to do with homosexuality? Out of 15,000 exorcisms they found one incidence that mentioned homosexuality. There was a reference to “perversion,” but that was an allusion to the severe abuse that the person had suffered. The entire exorcism wasn’t viewed in context. Only an edited portion was put forth as evidence of so-called gay bias.

Unfortunately, in cases like this the facts don’t matter. What counts is manipulated outrage, the silencing of a presumed opponent, and a guilty verdict without the benefit of defense or incontrovertible evidence.  It is a sad day in America when those who yell the loudest prevail over reason. Has political correctness gone so far that any opinion which seems to contradict prevailing public consensus is attacked and shut down without dialogue or honest debate?

To all in the gay community who read this, I want you to know that I’m not angry. I know that many of you have been treated unkindly by some Christians and have been hurt by those who claim the name of Christ. I am sorry for that and pray that out of this tragedy will come the willingness for those in the gay community to reassess the actions taken against our ministry. I believe that many who identify themselves as homosexuals are also upset that such intimidating tactics have no place in America. 

More facts about this matter are likely to come out. We will let you know what happens next. In the meantime, we strongly need your prayers for protection and grace. It would mean a lot to have you email me at  or call 303-980-1511 to let me know you are standing with us.  The last chapter of this situation has not been written, and our God is still in control.

Members of the media may click here for a more detailed response from Rev. Bob Larson.

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