Meet the teenage exorcists.

Last week, Pastor Bob and the teenage exorcists, appeared on TV’s “Inside Edition.” If you missed the program, you can see
a pictorial of scenes from the report along with a written transcript. Just go to: .
Instead of my usual blog, this week I include a portion of the report from “Inside Edition” mentioned above.

For the past year, Tess Scherkenback, Savannah Scherkenback, and Brynne Larson, from Phoenix, Arizona, say they have been purging demons from the possessed. But it’s nothing like anything you’ve seen in the movies. “I would just say we are like your average girl. We love shopping, we do all kinds of girly stuff, we don’t chase boys, we chase demons,” said Savannah Scherkenback.

By day they are serious high school and college students, and in their free time, like most young women, they like to socialize and go to the mall. But one day last month, they took a break from their studies and performed an exorcism on 51-year-old Matt Beauvais, a construction worker, who believes he’s possessed by demons. Before the exorcism, the teens are mentored by Bob Larson, a self-taught exorcist, who has conducted thousands of his own exorcisms. “The thing that caught my attention were thoughts of murder, revenge and unforgiveness,” said Larson when briefing the girls before the exorcism.

Bob Larson starts things off by pushing a Bible in Beauvais’ chest, causing loud screams. But in a few moments Larson puts the women in charge of the exorcism.

“Get up murder. I break the curse,” said Brynne Larson.

During the exorcism Bob Larson steps in and gives tips to the women. “Make him pronounce his doom and go.” Brynne Larson then attempts to cast out Beauvais’ demons by sending them to a place she calls the pit.

“What do people say when they see you, because you are probably breaking all the stereotypes of what people think are exorcists?” Guerrero asked the young women.

“I think the biggest shock is when they walk in the room and they see braces, teenage girls, sequins,” said Savannah Scherkenback.

Brynne adds, “This isn’t just to get media, this is to help others and really make a difference.”

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