Monday, September 21, 2015

Remember the seven sons of Sceva in Acts chapter 19? These “vagabond,” roaming self-styled exorcists, watched the Apostle Paul cast out demons by the name of Jesus and tried to do the same thing, with disastrous results. When they tried to invoke Christ’s name, the demons jumped on them, ripped their clothes off, beat them up, and sent them running naked and wounded. A bit of exorcist humor, unless you were one of the seven sons. Well, it’s happened again, another ill-advised exorcism. Only this time, someone got killed. Stabbed to death. This past week in London, an Islamic exorcist named Zakariyya Islam was murdered while trying to cast demons out of a man by quoting the Koran at a “black magic” healing center. An associate of Zakariyya was quoted as saying, “We do have enemies in this field because there are a lot of people who don’t like our work.” What the associate didn’t mention is that the Muslim exorcist’s so-called healing center also offered advice on sorcery, witchcraft, and the evil eye. And they even do this by Skype! (Wonder if they reading my web site?) Said the associate who lived to tell, “Listening to the Koran you can get rid of it all [demons].” Well, apparently not.

Perhaps this Muslim exorcist meant well. Maybe he thought that calling on Allah could free the man who was to murder him. But he was wrong. DEADLY wrong. As the sons of Sceva tragically learned, there is only one name under heaven that has the power to set people free from demons – Jesus of Nazareth! Philippians 2:9 tells us that the name of Jesus is a name which is above every other name. And at the mention of that name those “under the earth” must bow and confess that Christ is Lord. As the seventy disciples, sent by Jesus to cast out demons, declared upon return from their mission, “Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.” It’s too late to get across that message to Zakariyya Islam. But it’s not too late to tell everyone everywhere that only Jesus, the Son of God, has the authority and power to make demons flee. And we in whom He dwells can do what He did!

 An encouraging word:  KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS

Many people may claim to be a follower of Christ, but there is a sure test for confirmation that one is a Christian, 1 John 2:3: “We know Him if we keep His commandments.” That’s very straightforward and simply put. The test of Christian character is not what someone says, but what they do. Not what they profess, but what they possess on a daily basis. While we are cautioned about judging (Matthew 7:1) with unrighteous and condemnatory judgment, there is a litmus test as to whether an individual is walking with Christ – whether they are obedient to His teachings. Do you know Him, and are you keeping His commandments?

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