Friday, August 8, 2014

The problem isn’t that he’s black, but that he spouts profanity, liberally uses the N word, and demeans many things that Christians in common hold sacred. Aaron McGruder and Mike Clatenburg, co-creators of the new Adult Swim TV channel series about a present-day Christ living in Compton, CA, had better be glad their lead character isn’t Muslim. If a Black Mohammad character were insulting Islam the way Black Jesus assaults Christianity, the co-creators would be living under a fatwa, on their way to a beheading.  The show premiered last night, but early reviews indicate that this Son of God is not exactly the King of Kings. He smokes weed and speaks in expletives. To encourage self-reliance, Black Jesus suggests that locals in the hood grow marijuana as a cash crop. Mike Lazzo, head of the Adult Swim network, calls the series’ creator McGruder a “genius” for giving Jesus a potty mouth.

Perhaps this is to be expected in an anything-goes age. But when is enough, enough? No TV writer would do this to Buddha or the Prophet of Islam? But as usual, Jesus and Christians are fair game for any outrageous insult. To render Christ in a contemporary setting might be seen as theater, were it not for the obvious intent to mock Christianity and Christians. Of course, it’s blasphemous, irreverent, spiritually criminal, and disgusting. I’m sure the critics will see it as “trend-setting,” “full of meaning,” “irreverent toward tradition,” “risky,” and “genius.” Really? Is that what’s going on when Christ refers to a follower as b**** a**? It might even be seen as an innovative away to introduce young people to religion. In reality, the plot and dialogue were hatched in Hell and its story line is an invitation to eternal damnation.


An encouraging word:  END THE VIOLENCE

“O righteous God . . . bring an end to the violence of the wicked,” David pleaded in Psalm 7:9. This means more than criminal conduct, assault, and life-threatening actions. The “violence” that David wants God to end is any behavior which is violent toward the word and ways of the Lord. Abortion is violent. Sexual abuse is violent. Cursing and berating an innocent child is violent. Using the Lord’s name is vain is verbal violence. May the Lord come soon and bring an end to all kinds of violence from which we suffer as a nation and as individuals.

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